Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes


After the intense Capricornian effect of the solar eclipse last Friday, when four planets (including the Sun and Moon) were in the sign of Capricorn, Venus has now moved into Aquarius and will be followed by the Sun later today.  At that point there will be four planets in Aquarius and the Aquarian influence will be in ascension.
Aquarius, depicted at left in a very cool image for which I could find no source, is depicted as the “water bearer.”  Water is the element of feeling, and Aquarius carries the emotions and feelings rather than actually experiencing them directly.  In this way they are more objective and rational than other signs which are more feeling-based.
Where Capricorn is all about planning, organization, focus on success and the details required to achieve it, Aquarius is the visionary.  Aquarius sees the outcome and then attempts to fly directly to that outcome without wanting earthly matters to come in the way.  For this reason it represents the innovators and extremists, whose idealistic view of the world encourages them to see beyond the limits of what they thought was possible and achieve dramatically different goals than what the rest of the world expects.
The Aquarius influence will be with us for the next month or so, and during this time Saturn and Pluto will face off in the sky in their second square aspect, a cycle which will conclude next summer.  This is a challenging aspect that suggests confrontation and the necessity for endings and change, but hopefully this new Aquarian energy will help to facilitate the movement required to move through difficulties and develop new strategies and styles for living our lives.
Aquarius is humanitarian and fiercely concerned about social justice, and together with Jupiter in Pisces there is the potential for humans to come together now with a new sense of collaboration in the fight to save the Haitian people and rebuild their society.  In the ideal world, this Saturn/Pluto disaster would combine with the Aquarian vision to open the eyes of all of us to the ways in which we are all interconnected.  This world is not so ideal, however, and we may fall short of this goal.
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