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This week on my Blog Talk Radio program I’ll be talking about the effects of the upcoming eclipse (it’s a powerful one!) along with the debate on fate vs. free will as it applies to the astrological chart.  These two topics are connected because eclipses are tied into the lunar nodes, the harbinger of fate, and often signal a course correction or a major shift in our lives.

If you listen live at 11 am Eastern you can participate in the chatroom and ask questions there or call in to ask about your own chart.  I like to start with first time callers only, and then if there’s time bring in repeat callers.  You can listen live by clicking on the player below when the show is live (before then you’ll get the archived version of last week’s show about the Astrology of 2010), or if you’re not on your computer you can listen on your cellphone by dialing 646-478-5731 beginning at 11 am Eastern on Sunday morning.  Or follow this link

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