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Perhaps we really are in the Age of Aquarius!  In this article in the Independent from the UK, a self-avowed “sceptic” [sic] decided to see what all the fuss was about and with an open mind, sampled the wares of several psychic readers.  One of the readers he sees gives him an inaccurate reading, but it turns out to be very accurate for the photographer who accompanied him.

It’s unfortunate that this writer did not visit an astrologer.  Psychic readers and mediums can be very much on target, and they can also be very wrong.  This is not always the fault of the reader; sometimes a client can be very difficult to read.  Astrologers have an advantage here, because even though intuition or psychic ability can help to give a more accurate projection of the chart, the chart itself provides an abundance of correct and accurate information.
I wish that Mr. Monkey, the skeptic that hung out here for a while, had been willing to approach the question of astrology with an open mind.  He wanted to create a scientific test for astrology, but was not willing to submit his birth details for an interpretation.  My longtime readers will remember the Skeptics Challenge that I did a few years ago, where my entire blog was hijacked by a group of skeptics who though unwilling to test astrology for themselves were quite willing to denigrate its value.
Hopefully we’ll start to see articles like this about astrologers in the mainstream news soon.
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