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by Lynn Hayes This article is written for the Eastern time zone, please adapt to your own locality. To sign up for my free Skywatch report of planetary cycles, please visit my website – the February issue will be sent […]

On January 31st we’ll have a special radio show on the element of Fire in honor of the Leo Full Moon which conjoined the fire planet Mars.  Fire is one of the four Western elements that are found in the […]

by Lynn Hayes photo taken from The Full Moon on January 30st will be a very interesting event – so interesting that it’s getting its own radio show entitled “Fire and the Full Moon.”  It’s not only a powerful […]

by Lynn Hayes If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ve heard me ranting for just about a year now about the hysteria being manufactured over the swine flu.  When Chiron (health and healing) conjoined Neptune (spirituality but also […]

by Lynn Hayes The square from Saturn to Pluto is one of the more challenging planetary dynamics due to the bad rep both planets have for being the Lord of Karma (Saturn) and the Lord of Death (Pluto).  Saturn used […]

by Lynn Hayes I haven’t yet seen the film Avatar so I can’t comment personally, but evidently some fans are reacting with depression and suicidal thoughts after seeing the film: James Cameron’s completely immersive spectacle “Avatar” may have been a […]

by Lynn Hayes The planets never cease to amaze me with their creative way of expressing themselves.  Saturn, the planet of rules and morality, entered Libra, the sign of marriage and relationships, last fall and now we have a new […]

Musings on Astrology radio show with Lynn Hayes, Sunday mornings, 11 am Eastern for one hour I’m a little late posting this, but today’s Blog Talk Radio show, Musings on Astrology, will focus on Saturn.  Saturn is very potent right […]

by Lynn Hayes US Politician John Edwards is back in the news after finally admitting what everyone has known for two years, that he fathered Rielle Hunter’s child during a seamy affair that occurred while he was running for president […]

by Lynn Hayes In an era when it takes $150 million just to demonstrate a candidate’s viability, in lifting all restraints from corporate spending in election campaigns the Supreme Court yesterday pretty much put the United States government fully into the […]