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Astrological Musings

More Democrats believe in astrology than Republicans

by Lynn Hayes


Thanks to my friends at Astrococktail for finding the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life study which compares beliefs of Democrats to Republicans: evidently 14% of Republicans “believe in” astrology compared to 31% of Democrats.  I put the words “believe in” in quotes, because astrology isn’t something you believe in.  You see it work, and then you know it’s true. 
Republicans tend to be more conservatives than Democrats, and they are much better at conforming to established beliefs which is why they are more effective at passing their agendas than Democrats are.  Democrats are more Uranian, allowing for more diverse views and freedom of thought, which tends to result in a more open mind (although it also creates problems when trying to find a majority in Congress to pass anything).
Another interesting finding is that 30% of Democrats believe in spiritual energy compared with 17% of Republicans. However, 39% of those identifying as liberals believe that yoga is a spiritual practice, but only 30% “believe in” astrology.  
White protestant evangelists who attend church weekly were the least likely to “believe in” astrology (only 8%) but 29% of Black Protestants and Catholics expressed belief in astrology.
There’s lots of interesting data here!  Check it out.
  • analysa

    I have been thinking about this topic for a while but from the opposite end, that is, what political party can an astrologer belong to, and my conclusions up to now is neither.
    It is pretty clear that an astrologer would not be a Neocon republican. However, to say that a democrat astrologer is AS dysfunctional, would probably not be accepted by the majority (especially astrologers), but, that is my conclusion. So it is quite amusing (or sad, depends how you want to look at it) to see so many astrologers who are democrats. I consider it a total contradiction and it touches on all the human blind spots most carry around.
    An astrologer who has some understanding of Life and Astrology, by PRINCIPLE, could not support all the welfare programs that democrats are so fond of, as these only perpetuate the problems they are trying to solve. At the root is really a lack of understanding of economics.
    On an other note, people now talk about Demopublicans or Republicrats which just reflects that there is little distinctions between these parties anymore.
    Never been a fun of statistics, they seldom show the real undercurrents moving society, especially at this time. “Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital” – Levenstein

  • Diane L

    Elsa P asked her readers about their political leanings and came up with 68% left, 16% right and 15% who couldn’t decide. She herself leans to the right.
    Me, I consider myself an Independent but then I am Libra Sun & Moon and place high value making the best choice possible using the information on hand. :-)


    Wishing both outmoded parties could just join together and fight for



  • Andrea

    I don’t know that I believe in astrology, but it’s interesting and I’ve learned more about how it’s supposed to work. I don’t rule things out out of hand. I’m also a moderate Democrat and a semi-lapsed Catholic. Middle of the road all the way around, I suppose.

  • Lynn Hayes

    After watching the Democrats in Congress over the past year, I’m ready to change my voter registration to Independent.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Analysa, for once I have to say I completely agree with you. :)

  • Mike

    They just found the stolen Auschwitz sign “work will set you free”. Funny, sounds like the GOP motto to me. Now the Democrats are almost as bad, they are all beholden to their corporate masters. Republican would have you believe that the elite are really worth 100 x what you are. As if anyone who works full time could possibly worth 100x your salary. They work harder than you and deserve it. Work will set you free clearly is a good concentration camp motto. Anyone who believes it is likely to fall prey to it.

  • DRH

    ‘They just found the stolen Auschwitz sign “work will set you free”. Funny, sounds like the GOP motto to me.’

    **Seriously**? You can’t distinguish between slave labor in a concentration camp and being free to earn your own money as work to support yourself?

    Is your ideology *that* blinding? Or is it just a tribal thing with you?

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