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I’m working feverishly to write the January Skywatch and to finish my forecast article on the Astrology of 2010, so rather than write a fresh post for you today I will post a link to this fascinating look by Patrick […]

by Lynn Hayes Once in a Blue Moon, by Sofanya White. A gorgeous big moon followed me home tonight, even though she technically won’t be full until the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.  This is a Blue Moon because it’s […]

by Lynn Hayes The relationship problems of Charlie Sheen, a well-known American actor who has been acclaimed for his roles in such films as Platoon and Wall Street and in TV sitcoms Spin City and Two and a Half Men, […]

In lieu of a live radio show tomorrow I’ve uploaded my interview with the Occult of Personality Podcast.  If you haven’t already heard it you might want to give it a listen.  I think it’s particularly useful for astrology newbies […]

by Lynn Hayes Mercury will shift direction today, beginning its four times a year journey backwards as we revisit areas in our life that require additional attention.  Because Mercury turns our attention to the past and in a more interior […]

by Lynn Hayes [According to an article in the National Geographic} Earth’s north magnetic pole is racing toward Russia at almost 40 miles (64 kilometers) a year due to magnetic changes in the planet’s core, new research says. The core […]

No matter what your religion, it’s hard to argue with the teachings of a man called Jesus who preached a gospel of peace, love and compassion.  In honor of the celebration of not only this great teacher but all of […]

by Lynn Hayes Following up on my article the other day about travel delays corresponding to the retrograde turn of Mars, planet of action and movement, Mercury is now preparing to change direction on Saturday.  When Mercury turns retrograde (planets […]

by Lynn Hayes Mars is the planet that rules action, so it stands to reason that it’s retrograde turn on the 20th would bring transportation problems, and so it did as several parts of the world faced challenging winter conditions: […]

by Lynn Hayes I really like this article that compares the spiritual observation of the Winter Solstice with the observations of science: Religion and science occupy separate and opposed spheres, no? Not to our distant forebears, from whom all of […]