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The beginning of November brings an increased intensity over October’s relatively pleasant planetary atmosphere. The Sun and Mercury have both moved into Scorpio, the sign of darkness and power. Scorpio calls us into the Underworld where we must shed any skin that hides us from our true selves, and this will be even more true as Saturn begins to face off in a square to Pluto.

Saturn has entered Libra now, beginning a 2-1/2 year period of restructuring our relationships and the things that we value, including the ways in which we value ourselves. Areas where we have fallen out of the Libran need for balance will be tested now, as will areas of injustice and inequality.

At the beginning of November Saturn is less than one degree from the square to Pluto, and this dynamic will intensify throughout the month until it peaks on November 15. Pluto is of course the planet of death and power, and when it faces off against Saturn, as it does every 7-9 years, it tests us to one degree or another. Some of these tests are more challenging than others: Stressful aspects between Saturn and Pluto occurred in March of 1993, coinciding with the riots in Los Angeles following the Rodney King beating and a constitutional crisis in Russia, and in August of 2001 just before the September 11 tragedy.

On a personal level, this planetary dynamic demands that we face the hard truths (Saturn) in our life and face any potential destruction (Pluto) with trust and courage. Saturn looks for areas of our life where we may be deluded or confused, and Pluto destroys only that which no longer serves us in our evolutionary process. Any collateral damage that occurs along the way is part of the plan, and this is where absolute faith is required in order to avoid the kind of despair that can occur with the loss of our ideals.

If the dynamic of these two Lords of Death are integrated within the psyche, a new understanding of the darkness of death can be the gift that emerges. Pluto rules the wealth that is found underground such as gold and minerals, and the combination of Saturn and Pluto can, by creating tremendous pressure, create diamonds out of the coal of our every day lives.

The square of Saturn to Pluto will be within a degree between November and February.

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