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The timing of my radio show about Visiocnrafting to coincide with the tragedy that ensued in Sedona is unfortunate, but I am going to use this example as an opportunity to distinguish the New Age hype of The Secret and other such books that tarnishes the work of serious practitioners like myself who work hard to help clients to improve and transform their lives.  

I am out of town this weekend and was planning to do the show from our B&B, but just found out we have no internet access in the room.  So tune in on Tuesday evening, October 20, at 9 pm Eastern time for a discussion of the Visioncrafting process and how you can use it yourself to create real change in your life.  I will probably only take a few calls from people who want to make this kind of change so that I can demonstrate the process on the air.  If you’d like to be one of those callers please send me an email with a bit of a story and your birth data and telephone number. 
Sunday is a New Moon in Libra, and the New Moon squares the lunar nodes EXACTLY.  This is a good time to break away from the blockages that have held you back from achieving your life’s goals and dreams!  
Beginning on November 14th the show will begin at 11 am Eastern (8 am Pacific time).  There will be no show on November 7th. 
I have written a workbook that you can use to facilitate your own process of transformation.  Check it out!

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