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The show on November 1st will be the rescheduled show for Saturn’s entry into Libra.  I’m also going to talk a bit about the upcoming square from Saturn to Pluto.  Many of my clients lately have upcoming transits from these […]

by Lynn Hayes Those who decry Hallowe’en as a pagan holiday are, of course, correct!  In medieval Europe the pagan (country) people celebrated the the midpoint of the fixed signs as periods of power.  These times correspond to the fixed […]

by Lynn Hayes You don’t think of Communist Russia as being a hotbed of astrological thought, but evidently Stalin’s seven Moscow skyscrapers were part of a plan to rebuild Moscow with astrological symbolism (hat tip to Astrococktail): Rumor has it […]

by Lynn Hayes Nearly two years ago, when Pluto had first entered Capricorn, I wrote this post about the new balance of world power which will likely see China at its head: Remember that Pluto rules over breakdown and destruction, […]

by Lynn Hayes Note: “transits” are the passing of planets in the sky to planets in our birthchart.  The geometric angles that planets make to either other describe the nature of their interaction.  There are harmonious transits, which bring ease […]

by Lynn Hayes As many of you know, Chiron has been a specialty of mine for many years and one of the lesser-known roles of Chiron in the birthchart is to reveal the way energy flows in the body.  This […]

From the Telegraph: The sergeant, who has not been named, was off-duty when he saw the figuresstanding in a field near Silbury Hill, and stopped his car to investigate. However, as he approached the ‘men’ – all over 6ft tall […]

by Lynn Hayes Singer-songwriter Morrissey collapsed on stage last night and was rushed to the hospital with an unidentified respiratory ailment.  Morrissey (May 22, 1959, time unknown, Lancashire England) is a complicated personality astrologically, with a lighthearted Gemini Sun squared […]

 by Lynn Hayes This is written for Eastern time zone; please adjust for your own location. Chiron has slowed down to a crawl in preparation for its change of direction on Friday, and its influence will be more powerfully felt. […]

Due to technological difficulties I have to cancel today’s show.  Sorry for any inconvenience!