Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes

Skywatch for September is now posted on my website, Here’s the intro discussing the big events occurring in September:

The big news for September is the third phase of the opposition between Saturn and Uranus in the middle of the month. This is a major planetary cycle that began on the US election day in November of 2008 and will have a total of five phases in which the conventional way of doing things (Saturn) will battle against new ideas and change (Uranus). Some of us are more conventional and conservative by nature (Saturnian), and some of us are more radical and rebellious (Uranian), and then there are those of us who are internally conflicted between the two. The opposition of these two planets is operating not only on a global level where it is affecting politics in nearly every country around the world, but also on a personal and psychological level.

Oppositions are polarities, and each side puts tension on the other. Just like a see-saw, sometimes one side is up and one side is down. The objective of the opposition is to create balance between the two. Saturn is like a stasis point where everything is predictable and known. Uranus comes to break apart the status quo that Saturn works so hard to preserve, destroying the old order and putting something new in its place. Oppositions follow the principle of dialectics, in which the thesis (in this case Saturn) must adapt to the antithesis (Uranus) in order to avoid destruction. Ideally, the useful aspects of the Saturn principle are preserved while the Uranian revolution occurs.

In our personal lives, especially if Saturn and Uranus are aspecting our own chart, this can feel very much like we’re being pulled in two different directions. The natural reaction to an opposition is to allow ourselves to go to one extreme followed by the other, but this is not the most helpful approach. If we remember who we’re dealing with here, we can face this planetary cycle in a conscious way that offers us the benefit of change (Uranus) while maintaining a sense of stability in our lives (Saturn). Saturn wants us to be responsible and disciplined and preserve order, and Uranus says forget the structures and start something new. Walking that tightrope is a challenge, but it can be done!

We also have Mercury going retrograde this month, and Pluto’s change of direction as well. When planets appear to change direction, they slow down to a crawl before making that turn. We call that making a “station,” because at that time the planet is virtually stationary. Stationary planets exert a powerful influence, and Pluto will be even more powerful this month at it changes direction at the zero point of Capricorn. This could bring about a severe reality check at a global level as it becomes obvious that the destruction and renewal (Pluto) of our financial systems (Capricorn) is not quite complete. Pluto seeks destruction only for those structures that are decayed and not serving their purpose, and if we remember that destruction must take place in order for the rebirth of something greater to occur we can embrace this process rather than fear it. Any Pluto cycle requires a certain amount of faith and trust in the natural order.

Chiron and Neptune are still within 2 degrees of a conjunction as they retrograde together, so this “call of the soul” is still powerful. Many of us are finding it more difficult to live a superficial life – the material world is less important now as we are cleansed (Chiron) of past wounds and seek a deeper connection to the realm of Spirit (Neptune).

During the first week of September we begin to enter the “shadow” of the Mercury retrograde period as Mercury slows down in preparation of its retrograde turn. During the shadow period we may begin to experience some of the communication challenges for which Mercury Rx is known so it’s not too early to begin applying caution to all matters of communication and travel. Small equipment can also be affected by Mercury retrograde periods so be sure to read instructions carefully.

When Mercury is retrograde we sometimes must sign contracts and make other commitments and agreements that are not ideal under these circumstances. DO NOT FEAR!! Just take the necessary precautions and move forward in your life with confidence. If you plan a vacation and it rains, you don’t cancel your vacation. Just bring an umbrella.

Remember also that Mercury retrograde periods are excellent times for meditation, writing, renovating, re-doing your website, re-writing a manuscript, communicating with old friends, cleaning out the garage.

The effect of the Mercury Rx period is likely to begin on September 3rd when Mercury (communication) forms a challenging square to Mars (aggression). Tempers are high now, and words can become reckless. Mercury is in Libra now where it tends to be rather polite and harmonious, but the square to Mars will take the gloves off and could result in some heated discussion. This heightened intensity will bring more focus to matters of the mental realms (Mercury) and activate the retrograde period.

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