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Astrologer Donna Cunningham has a nice article today that makes a perfect plug for my Daily Skywatch service!

The Moon passes through the twelve signs of the zodiac in its monthly orbit. You can track it through an astrological calendar or an ephemeris. Clearly, a calendar is no match for the kinds of social problems we are facing, but it can be a helpful stress reduction tool. Following the Moon’s monthly and yearly cycles helps us keep on an even keel emotionally and cut our stress levels. Doing things during a Moon sign alien to what you want to accomplish builds up inner friction that can be wearing. When you work against the flow of lunar energies, you work harder and less effectively than when you work with them. …

As you learn the nature of each sign, avoid wasting energy by taking advantage of its most constructive qualities. For example, the Moon traveling through Cancer seems to put many people in a domestic mood. They may enjoy working around the house, cooking, visiting family, or just being quietly at home. A Cancerian who goes off on a business trip then might feel especially homesick. Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn-the earth signs-are good for taking stock of your financial situation or embarking on small business endeavors. A party? Moon in Leo, Libra, Aquarius, or another outgoing fire or air sign.

Wanting to organize the closets or files? Try Moon in Virgo. If you did it while the Moon was in Pisces, you’d probably never find anything again! Moon in Gemini isn’t the greatest for closets either. You’d spend the day on the phone and at the end shove everything back in a worse mess than before . . . but at least you’d catch up on the gossip.

This technique can help with much more important issues than that pile of junk at the back of your closet. I’m using these small matters to show how much more productive it is to work with the zodiac than against it. To give an example, the Moon in Gemini produces the urge to communicate. Being stuck at home alone with dreary, routine tasks will only create frustration and restlessness. It’s a good day to do lunch with someone you’d like to know better. If you’re homebound at a time like that, ditch the routine and pursue worthwhile Gemini activities. Catch up on correspondence or write that story that’s been rumbling around in the back of your mind. If you do want to write, I’d suggest you deliberately block off communication so the verbal energy will pour out in words on paper rather than in a big phone bill.

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