Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes

Many people volunteered to be guiinea pigs for an analysis of how the Saturn/Uranus opposition affects the charts of individuals. Some of my eager volunteers do not actually have Saturn or Uranus affecting their charts and so with apologies, your charts will not be used for this experiment. I’m going to limit my comments specifically to the effect of the Saturn/Uranus opposition. 
Diane has Uranus ascending in her chart in the first house of personal identity, and it is exactly trine her Sun in Aquarius.  This is a “double whammy” that tells us that the Uranian qualities of innovation and eccentricity are a powerful force in her life.  So when the opposition comes along and squares Uranus in her chart she may not even notice it except that she will feel more independent and eager to do new things than usual.  The Saturn influence, demanding solitude and hard work, will be more difficult and create restrictions that could be uncomfortable because she has very little earth in her chart to hold her down to the material world.  She will be required under this cycle to find balance between practicality and routine and her desire to flee restriction and confinement.
Tamara is also affected by the opposition which will reflect one of the central themes in her chart.  She has a Taurus Sun and is therefore very security minded, but she has Mars in Gemini which has a thirst for freedom and new experiences.  That Mars is trine Jupiter in her chart, which expands (Jupiter) her drive and instills independence and a need for freedom.  But Pluto squares Mars, which makes it difficult for her to feel that it’s safe to have those expansive experiences.
The opposition will harmonize with her Sun, and that will help her to better integrate the structure and restriction (Saturn) with the pressure to react and rebel (Uranus).  But both planets will form a square to that Mars/Pluto square in her chart and force her to achieve greater balance and express her Mars more fully by letting herself be free.
Duse, the opposition doesn’t aspect planets in your chart; although Saturn will oppose your Sun later in the year it won’t be opposing Uranus at that time, so let’s save your chart to review when we talk about the Cardinal Climax later this year (remind me). 
Jeanne B has Saturn at 28 Capricorn and the Sun at 28 Gemini, so transiting Saturn will square her Sun at the same time it make a harmonious trine to Saturn in her chart.  Saturn trines are marvelous times for focus and achievement, but that challenging aspect from Saturn to her Sun, especially in Gemini which doesn’t like to be tied down, will tend to restrict her and cause her to feel somewhat shackled.  
Uranus will exacerbate this by a challenging square to her Sun which begin to rock her boat and urge her to do something new.  At the same time, though, it will be in a harmonious aspect to Saturn and therefore can assist her in creating structures in her life to support that change.
Unless I’m missing something, Saturn and Uranus will not be aspecting Jeanne’s Mars and Uranus in Leo.  Fortunately for her!  The best thing Jeanne can do is to realize the tug of war that is occurring between the need to apply discipline and structure to her life and the need to blow up the status quo.  If she can try to balance it rather than swing from one end to another, she will be ahead of the game.
.Melda, greetings to South Africa!  However,  I wonder if you have had charts calculated by Vedic astrologers, because under the Western system you have the Sun in Virgo.  In any case your chart is not aspected by the opposition of Saturn and Uranus so let’s save yours for another day.
Daun, the opposition of Saturn and Uranus will have a profound effect on you.  Saturn in your birthchart sits right on the North Node, signifying the future direction of your evolutionary journey.  This tells us that even though you have four planets in Libra and relationships are a huge part of your life (though challenging!), your destiny (North Node) is to become successful in managing life on the material plane.  This is assisted by your Capricorn ascendant, which is ruled by Saturn and shares Saturn’s focus on discipline and hard work.  
You will soon have your second Saturn Return (don’t worry, it will be MUCH easier than your first at at 28-30!!).  And Uranus will be opposing Saturn at the time of your Saturn Return which ought to be quite exciting!  You will likely experience that tension between Saturn and Uranus at a deep level and you will likely feel the need to change the direction of your life in some way.
And that’s all we have time for, unfortunately  Thanks for playing Stump the Astrologer. 🙂
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