Astrological Musings

Tune in Sunday morning at 10 Eastern time am for a discussion of the Sun and Mercury traveling through the sign of Leo and what it means for the development of a healthy Ego.   What does it mean to have a healthy ego and how can we achieve it?  What does the archetype of the Divine Child teach us? How can we balance the necessity of a strong ego with a spiritual life that connects us deeply to the divine?  

I’ll also talk about the collision with Jupiter and possible astrological implications.
You’ll be able to call in to the show to ask questions about your own chart too – the call-in number is 646-478-5731, or you can use the “click to talk” feature from inside the Blog Talk Radio browser window.  If you are unable to call in to the show and have a question, just send it to me by email
The Blog Talk Radio shows are archived so you can listen to them at any time. If you have Itunes installed you can also download a podcast to your Ipod right from Blog Talk Radio. 

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