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by Lynn Hayes Many people volunteered to be guiinea pigs for an analysis of how the Saturn/Uranus opposition affects the charts of individuals. Some of my eager volunteers do not actually have Saturn or Uranus affecting their charts and so […]

by Lynn Hayes I’ve posted the monthly Skywatch article which you can read here in its entirety.   Here is a tidbit reporting on the astrological cycles for the first few days of the month: On the first day of […]

by Lynn Hayes A news report reveals that Pamela Phillips, founder of the now-defunct Starbabies website, may have to go on trial as a suspect in the murder of her ex-husband, Arizona real estate developer Gary Lee Triano, in Aspen […]

by Lynn Hayes Marco, a new reader, writes: “ I was looking for more information re: the saturn/uranus opposition and found you. However, what I was seeking was a more specific study of the impact of this phenomenon as it comes […]

by Lynn Hayes The past two weeks have seen a big rally in the US stock market, buoyed most likely by the conjunction of Jupiter (optimism) and Neptune (dreams and illusions).  The presence of Chiron there adds caution to what […]

by Lynn Hayes TMZ has posted copies of the birth certificates of Michael Jackson’s children.  Many will say that this is an abhorrent violation of the right to privacy of children who have done nothing to put themselves in the […]

Tune in Sunday morning at 10 Eastern time am for a discussion of the Sun and Mercury traveling through the sign of Leo and what it means for the development of a healthy Ego.   What does it mean to […]

Following up on my “Conspiracy Corner” post from last week, an interview on the Spiegel Online website with Tom Jefferson shows that it’s not just conspiracy nuts that are spectacle of the latest attempt to frighten humans around the world. […]

Astrologer Donna Cunningham has a nice article today that makes a perfect plug for my Daily Skywatch service! The Moon passes through the twelve signs of the zodiac in its monthly orbit. You can track it through an astrological calendar […]

by Lynn Hayes Jupiter and Chiron reached their exact conjunction on Wednesday for their second time in this cycle, just as it was discovered that a huge body in space slammed into Jupiter, giving it a bruise “as big as […]