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David Carradine found dead

by Lynn Hayes

David Carradine was found dead today in his hotel room in Bangkok where he was shooting 


his latest film “Stretch.”  Carradine was found naked with a rope around his deck.  He was 72.
The minute I heard about this, intuitively I felt that this was a case of erotic asphyxiation, and now the BBC is reporting that Carradine was found with a curtain rope around his neck “and other parts of his body.”  TMZ claims that Carradine’s rep says that the death was 100% accidental, and I can’t think of too many ways that someone dies accidentally with a rope around their neck.  
Carradine (born 12/8/36, time unknown, Hollywood CA) had a very difficult astrological chart, including a Grand Cross including the Sun, Saturn, Neptune and Chiron.  The Sun represents our essential Self and our personal quest, and when challenged by these three major players (Saturn, Neptune and Chiron) there is some damage to the Self that needs to be healed over time.  David Carradine was one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood, with over 200 film and TV appearances to his credit which is typical of someone with a strong Saturn component. 
I was not able to find any particularly significant planetary event to mark Carradine’s death which is unusual.  Transiting Saturn had been setting off this Grand Cross beginning last fall, and was sitting nearly exactly opposite Saturn in the chart and square to the Sun when this event occurred so perhaps he was feeling exceptionally empty inside and looking for excitement.  His progressed Sun had just entered Pisces which has a powerful imagination and longing for an experience that is deeper and more transcendent.  But Saturn transits will test any effort to escape one’s reality.
I’ll be watching for the input of other astrologers and will share as more becomes available.
  • http://planets phil

    So he killed his self because of some planets and the month he was born. Get a life. He was a good actor period. Not looking forward to reading more of this persons articles.

  • Marianne

    Yes, I thought it was odd, too, that they said it was accidental. A few years ago a boy at my children’s school died from erotic asphyxiation. We immediately talked to our kids about the dangers of that as I would hate to lose one of my children from something like that. It’s very sad.

  • Rollan McCleary

    Yes the Saturn transit is a trigger to Carradine’s natal planets and its opposition to the Pisces ascendant in addition carries significance. Deaths often, though of course not always and necessarily, occur with Saturn affecting the 1st/7th angular axis. Some of us just feel tired and rundown when Saturn makes an ascendant transit which is what I am putting up with presently without anticipating my imminent demise!
    However for deaths I would count eclipses as important and it is a fact that the last solar eclipse was degree exact square Carradine’s Uranus in Taurus from Aquarius, a double quality of shock and surprise and accident potential

  • Southeast0027

    I could only supplement to this discussion is that the death of Mr. David Carradine seems untimely.

  • Shane

    I was sadden to hear of the passing of David Carradine, Another wasted life in Bangkok such a brilliant actor, will be sadly missed by all his fans, my heart goes out to his family.

  •,2933,525177,00.html?mrp Jane

    While not my favorite news source Fox News mentions what the other body parts were. Definitely sounds like erotic asphyxiation.

  • Your Name

    His progressed chart is very significant. Progressed Ascendant, Moon, Chiron and South Node are very close to his natal four house cusp (the end of life). Be aware that his natal Moon is near his natal eight house cusp.
    Sorry for my English

  • Lynn Hayes

    We actually don’t know where Carradine’s houses are because no time of birth is available, so we also don’t know the exact placement of the P Asc and Moon. Unfortunately!

  • whatsup

    Yellow means “vanity”, yellow around the throat means “your desire to be heard is in vain”. Black means “wrath”, black around the genitalia means “your jealousy is wrathful”. I don’t think it was an accident.

  • Leonor Mengual
  • Your Name

    I’m not so sure of what to make of this, exactly. And I don’t want to say something that will be interpreted in the wrong way.
    However, although Carradine was a highly creative and brilliant soul, I am under the impression that he was lonely and quite unfulfilled– why else would someone make a trip to Bangkok for pleasures when they’re right here? Unless, of course, he was in need of the adventurous, risky and even bizarre stuff (the kind of thing that Sagittarius might be into– lo’ and behold, we have a Sagi full moon on Sunday).
    I don’t know. Something tells me that foul play wasn’t involved and that he knew full well what he was getting into. And I’m not here the judge at all– I believe we are all fully entitled to go the way we wish.
    Thus, in the case of Carradine, even if he didn’t want to go, he knew the risk he was taking well. So maybe he wanted to leave something behind if the event that he did accidentally go– that’s the chance we take with some of these erotic moves and tools. And that’s a chance that he willingly took.

  • Edna

    I was under the impression Mr. Carradine was in Bangkok working on a film.

  • Lynn Hayes

    These charts are set up for noon, and the houses that are shown in a noon chart are not the houses of the birthchart.

  • April

    I refuse to learn much about the astrology of predicting death (I prefer to be surprised by my own), but based on something my teacher once said I always look for something prominent with Jupiter when someone dies. In this case, besides the probable trigger of the tr. Saturn opposition (and his natal Saturn squares the Sun), transiting Pluto was conjunct Carradine’s natal Jupiter when he died.

  • Charles Cosimano

    I wonder if something could be gained by looking at his charts to see what his relationship with his father was. David Carradine never really got out from under his father’s acting greatness and that might have ultimately led to his oh so embarrassing demise.

  • Osterizer

    Thank you for the informative and quick post!
    This is kind of a literal manifestation of a Venus-Pluto opposition. The Rope was wrapped around the two body parts that those planets rule. Moon might possibly square that opposition. Mars is just out of orb.
    I don’t know what rules hanging and asphyxiation. Maybe Neptune and Mercury (respectively)?

  • Doreen

    Is it possible his birth time really was Noon? The Rodden Rating at Astrodatabank is AA. If birth time is unknown that should be X. Pisces with Saturn rising does fit him…not that that makes it correct, but it gives BC/BR (birth cert/birth record quoted) so I think it’s possible Noon is his birth time.

  • mls

    I think the transit of pluto was much important for the time of his death.

  • Max Alberts

    Any astro-sleuths care to take a crack at my natal chart? I’m constantly failing at my projects & jobs & at trying to be a writer. I’m about ready to just give up. I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota at 5:48 am on August 24, 1953. (I have strong psychic and aspiritual abilities, a strong singing voice & acting ability, but have not been able to use any of it to succeed in life.) I also have a strong taste for alcohol & have been in treatment twice.
    You may e-mail me at if you have any insight.

  • Lynn Hayes

    I’ll bite, Max. Your chart shows a myriad of different influences that all need to be integrated. Strong artistic talent with the Moon in Pisces and Jupiter in Gemini trine Neptune in the 5th house of creative self-expression. Aquarius is rising, so you like to be a bit of an iconoclast, but your Virgo Sun is always putting pressure on you to live a more conventional lifestyle. This pull between convention and individuality is ever-present in your chart, with Saturn square to Uranus as well. Chiron in the twelfth house shows that you may try to drown (twelfth house) your emotional pain (Chiron),bt this tendency can also be directed towards healing oneself at the deepest soul level. Your dreams hold valuable information for your healing process.
    These different influences can be integrated but it takes some conscious attention and understanding of the various voices speaking within you. Virgo tends to miss the forest for the trees, so breaking things down into bits and then re-integrating them might be the most useful.
    That’s a start anyway.

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