Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.  You can see the positions of today’s planets here

Saturday morning we are just coming off of the powerful Full Moon that occurred at around midnight.  The Scorpio Moon is moving into position to form a challenging square to the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune that will be in effect between around 11 am and around 4 pm.  The Moon stirs up our emotions, and during this time frame we are likely to be more sensitive than usual, and the Moon will encourage the shamanic emotional process of Chiron as well.  Be prepared to breathe deeply and relax into the healing process, just like a massage of a difficult knot in the body that requires some conscious letting go and release.  A trine of the Moon to Uranus at around 1 pm will help us to expand our awareness and understand the process on a higher level.

The Moon enters Sagittarius at about 9:45 pm EDT, and the emotional intensity of the Scorpio Full Moon will give way to a more lighthearted approach to life.  The Moon will oppose retrograde Mercury just after midnight, creating the potential for communication difficulties and a disconnect between our emotions and the processing of ideas.  

Sunday is a peaceful day astrologically, with only a trine from the Moon to Venus culminating at around 1 pm EDT to enhance our creativity and to renew our sense of balance. 

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