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by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.  You can see the positions of today’s planets here.


Photo by Fort Photo.  The Moon harmonizes with Saturn in the early hours of the morning on the US East Coast, helping us to be clear and focused which will ease any emotional intensity we may be feeling from the Chiron/Neptune conjunction.  Later in the day, however, as the Moon approaches a conjunction to Mercury (at about 5:45 pm) our emotions become entangled with our thought process and it may be difficult to separate them.

This will become more pronounced in the evening with a challenging square from the Moon to Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune.  There is an opportunity here for emotional freedom if we heed the call of the soul which rises from within and asks us to attend to that which is real and true.  Anything else will result in momentary confusion. 

All of this leads up to the Gemini New Moon which takes place at 8:10 am on Sunday morning EDT.  This New Moon is exactly trine the North Node of the Moon, revealing this as an event with the potential for real significance in our lives.  The North Node assists us in our quest to realize our soul’s purpose, and a new beginning is possible here, especially in the area of your chart where the New Moon falls.  

The New Moon chart includes a challenging square from Mercury to the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, and a harmonious sextile from Mercury to Uranus.  This suggests that the mind will not be of great help now unless we let go of our old ways of thinking about our lives and allow ourselves to expand our thinking to allow for new possibilities.  This is an event for the heart and for the soul, linking the two in a completely new way. 

A harmonious sextile from Mars to the triple conjunction helps to provide the fire and enthusiasm to keep us inspired so that we can take advantage of the powerful energy available now. 
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