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Astrological Musings

Susan Boyle: The meltdown and her next chapter

by Lynn Hayes


The meteoric rise of Susan Boyle has been like a fabulous firework which rockets into the sky out of nowhere, explodes itself across the heavens, and then falls to earth again forever changed.
You can read more about Susan’s birthchart and astrological profile here, and about how the current planetary cycles affected her meteoric rise.  
Over the past week there were signs of trouble; stories of meltdowns and of Susan being rushed to a safe house where the stress wouldn’t overwhelm her ability to compete in the final round of Britain’s Got Talent last night.  As mentioned in my profile of Susan, she has a sensitive opposition between the Sun (conscious mind) and the Moon (emotional sensitivity) which shows a tendency to be somewhat reactive emotionally. This is exacerbated by a square of Mars (aggression)  to the Moon and Sun, especially because her Mars is in the nurturing sign of Cancer where its aggressive instinct does not get a strong outlet.  There is often a pattern of resentment and built-up anger that results.  This is particularly true for someone like Susan with an Aries Sun, ruled by Mars, who needs to be able to clearly express that inner aggression.  This is not the chart of someone who responds well to stress.
At the time of these meltdowns Susan was experiencing a transit of Mars over her Venus. Venus describes the way we interact with others, and Mars of course expresses our aggression and our ability to defend ourselves, so when Mars hit her Venus exactly on May 27, there was an eruption. 
The Midheaven is the point in the chart that describes our career and public life, and in the progressed chart (the evolving chart that shows how our career life changes) her Midheaven is nearly exactly squared by Pluto, the planet of transformation, right now.   Pluto cycles change our life forever, but not always the way we choose.
We have seen in American Idol that it is just as often the runners up that have the most spectacular career success.  The problem with becoming an overnight sensation is that one does not develop the inner resources (Venus) to be able to manage the personal attention and exposure of fame.  Susan Boyle has a fabulous voice, but she lacks the people skills and the tough skin required to launch an immediate career in the public eye. Hopefully she will be able to use her talents in a way that will help her to evolve both personally and professionally.
Susan Boyle’s sudden fame corresponds with the triple conjunction in the sky of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune.  Read more about this connection here. 
  • Shane

    What I thought of first when I heard Susan came in second after reprising her glorious “I Dreamed A Dream” was the song made all the difference in the (whole) world. When she burst out of nowhere during the initial Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron action in the sky, it was like a bolt of lightning out of the blue (very fitting for the planets all in Aquarius ruled by the lightningesque Uranus). But lightning never strikes the same place twice. And with Neptune and Chiron now in retrograde, going backward to the same song in an attempt to recreate the same thrill just didn’t have the same spark it did the first time ’round. I don’t know if the show rules required her to sing that song (or however it works), but nonetheless I’m sure she’ll do just brilliantly with a recording and getting her voice out there. Looking forward to hearing a lot more of her!

  • Southeast0027

    When Pluto is transitting the Rising Sign and the Desecndant, it is not a good time to achieve fame, showmanship or to attain material wealth, power. This has always been described that whenever, the lord of the underworld, Pluto, appeared on earth, Pluto did not show his face. Because outrageousness, showmanship, fame, ego are the issues of Leo and the Sun.
    When Pluto was passing through the Desecendant [Sagittarius] of Ms. Susan Boyle [Gemini Rising], she did not come on to surface. She did not look for showmanship, outrageousness, fame, ego. She silently learned the lessons from Pluto in her descendant.
    Former President of the United States of America, Mr. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on 14-APRIL-1865. Mr. Abraham Lincoln was pronounced dead on 15-APRIL-1865. At that time, position of Pluto was at 12-Degree Taurus. Pluto was in Earth Sign. The Sun Sign of Mr. Abraham Lincoln was an Air Sign.
    Former President of the United States of America, Mr. John F. Kennedy was assassinated on 22-NOVEMBER-1963. At that time, position of Pluto was at 14-Degree Virgo. Pluto was in Earth Sign. The Sun Sign of Mr. John F. Kennedy was an Air Sign.
    During both aforementioned assassinations, PLUTO was in EARTH SIGNS; DEGREES OF PLUTO were almost same.
    When Pluto is transitting the Rising Sign and the Desecndant, it is not a good time to achieve fame, showmanship or to material wealth, power. When Mr. John Kerry was running for the position of the President of the United States of America in the year 2004, Pluto was passing through the Rising Sign of Mr. John Kerry. During 2008, Pluto had entered in an EARTH SIGN [CAPRICORN]. As the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Mr. John Kerry might face difficult circumstances. From now on 31-5-2009, Mr. John Kerry may take part in Election to become the President of the United States of America on the Democrats’ Ticket, if Mr. Barack Obama is reluctant to take part for his re-election as the President of the United States of America in the year 2012.
    When Pluto was passing through the Descendant of India [Sagittarius], India [Gemini Rising] achieved fame, showmanship or attaining material wealth and power. Examples are Civilian Nuclear Technology, Emergence of Bangalore as a Silicon Valley and Booming Economy. It is time now for India to pay for whatever India has achieved during Pluto Transit in India’s Descendant [SAGITTARIUS]. Sun Sign of India is Leo. Leo always look to achieve fame, showmanship or look to attain material wealth and power. It is time now for India to pay for whatever India has achieved during Pluto Transit in India’s Descendant [SAGITTARIUS].
    When Pluto was passing through the Desecendant [Sagittarius] of Ms. Susan Boyle [Gemini Rising], she did not come on to surface. She did not look for showmanship, outrageousness, fame, ego. She silently learned the lessons from Pluto in her Descendant [SAGITTARIUS].

  • Marianne

    Lynn, I thought you and others might find this of some interest:
    I’d like to hear some feedback. I have no experience in this area.

  • Marianne

    Also, this just in:|classic|dl2|link3|

  • Southeast0027

    Ms. Marianne, may be Ms. Susan Boyle’s Gemini Rising Sign; that thinks too much at a rapid pace. Her unnecessarily always-action-oriented Aries Sun might drain her emotionally.

  • Your Name

    This is incredible! Susan has variously been described as ugly, old, frumpy, an oddball, an eccentric, a loner… Now we have meltdown, mental illness, and aperger’s. Yet to me she looks entirely fine and normal, if maybe a little defensive, justifiably so considering she’s been dealing with a world not on her side from the word go. I would question the sanity and the emotional intelligence of people who judge her a lot sooner than Susan’s. Her story is a truly sad indictment of the ‘mainstream’ culture we live in. Susan should never have bothered, she’s better off in her quiet village life.

  • Andrea

    Get her an agent and a record deal and she could go on a circuit singing at places like Branson, Mo. and large festivals that cater to middle-aged or older people. She could do a concert for public television. There are endless opportunities for someone with a voice like hers and she could do very well indeed in a niche market. She just needs someone who can be a barrier between her and the press. I don’t know many normal people who would handle the storm of press coverage. I found it rather refreshing when I heard she’d cursed them out. I probably would have sworn at them too. She’s human.

  • Debbie Randolph

    I personally think she’s a normal looking 49 year old that could use a few tips on how to look ‘better’, doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, ‘it’s the ‘inside’ people fall in love with, ‘eventually’, maybe if people didn’t put so much into ”looks” the teens today wouldn’t be dressing like little traps & getting pregnant, ect. This might turn her whole life around, if she does have problems, she can get help, hopefully there’s a ‘gent’ :) out there thats fines her fasinating & delightful, & give her a call up. Who knows what will become of her, ‘now’, I love hearing her sing, don’t be so hard on her, she’s a brave soul, just to get up there & sing !

  • Lynn Hayes

    Marianne, I think it’s taking a bit far to say that Susan Boyle has Asperger’s Syndrome. I feel that she is a person with a fabulous voice who was used as a “phenomenon” to show that average people can be extremely talented, and then when that phenomenon had passed she was relegated back to everyday life. Look at the criticism she has had to endure: first for being too frumpy, then for selling out and getting a makeover. See my article on the Zeitgeist and Susan Boyle that I linked in this article. That whole experience must have been extremely stressful for her as it would be for anyone.

  • Marianne

    I was just curious if there was anything in her chart that indicated any kind of disability. Wow, this sure seems to be a touchy subject for a few people.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Hi Marianne, there really isn’t anything in the chart that would be a strong marker for a disability. The T-square with the Full Moon (Moon opp Sun) square to Mars really waters down her Mars, especially since Mars is in Cancer. Then she has a watery grand trine with Mars, Neptune and Mercury so there is likely a lot of pent-up energy that doesn’t get expressed from that Mars. If she was an athlete, that energy would find an outlet but I suspect that instead it funnels into an ADD sort of thing.

  • Your Name

    I had a feeling this would happen. She may never have been in the spot light in her life. Then being thrust into it is such a shock. Then worrying about how to stay in it. It’s hard. She should try an relax take it easy. She is well loved and she could make CD’s. Why do we always have to change people. There was noting wrong with her.
    Now, we have to give her space and branch out when she can. You know you don’t have to be first to be a star. She is a star to me and hope and pray she gets better. God Bless Her Always.

  • Your Name

    Thanks for the article. I was reading and noticed you have F. Sway on here. The Terminex man was here today and commented only on the beautiful black screen in front of the heater/ac unit.
    I know it doesn’t keep the good vibes flowing.
    The reason I have it there is that the first maintence man, no second, since I rented in my apt. caulked behind the unit.
    He made a terrible mess, and I can see the balled up plastic caulking from wherever I sit. The management here promised every time we are inspected to fix it.
    Me being me, I always say, no hurry. Therefore, they never fix it. I
    found this great screen with beautiful pink roses painted on it for
    19.99. So I see beuaty instead of ugliness now. It must override the f. sway part of the equation.

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