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by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

Sorry folks, I wrote this Friday night but for some reason it didn’t post!! As I reported yesterday, Mars and Pluto are aligning in a challenging square that will be culminate on Sunday April 26.  Mars is in Aries now, where it has the fullest force of its expression, and Pluto is in Capricorn which is the sign of the “exaltation” of Mars.  These two CAN work together in a powerful way if there isn’t resistance, but more often when Mars and Pluto come together in a challenging aspect the sparks fly.  The pressure of Pluto can cause an eruption in the force of Mars that can be quite stunning.  
We’re seeing this in Iraq where multiple suicide bombings killed over 80 people on Thursday, the day that Mars entered Aries and the force field of the square began to take hold.  But obviously, violence isn’t taking hold everywhere, and the force of Mars and Pluto is not necessarily an evil one.  
On Saturday Mercury will form a challenging square to both Chiron (at 7:15 am EDT) and Neptune (about 9 pm), activating the Chiron/Neptune conjunction a little more personally as the mind (Mercury) becomes more sensitized to the healing process. We are likely to experience a longing for a more personal experience of that which is true, and in order to get there we sometimes have to confront some unpleasant truths within ourselves.   
A harmonious trine from the Moon to the stability of Saturn this afternoon (4:30 pm) will give us the control over our emotions to manage any uncomfortable feelings that are set free with the aspects to Chiron and Neptune.
Tomorrow the Moon will aspect just about every planet, beginning with a square to Jupiter at around 6 am EDT that will increase confidence and social aptitude.  She then moves on to sextile Uranus at around 8:45 am which creates excitement and a desire for change in our life.  Moving on to square Chiron and Neptune between 10-11 am, our emotional sensitivity increases and we may be more reactive than usual (beginning at around 8 am when the aspect moves into range).  The reactivity is exacerbated by a conjunction of the Moon to Mercury at 11:45 which makes it much more difficult for us to see things objectively.  Our mind and emotions become fused and react together.
In the midst of this we have Mars squaring Pluto, which culminates at 12:14 pm after which its effect will begin to lessen over the next day or two.  
The Moon enters Gemini at around 5 pm, and the intensity of the day will begin to diminish as the airiness of Gemini provides a bit of relief to the emotional drama that may have occurred due to all that lunar energy.  In Gemini the Moon is more objective, more interested in variety and superficiality.  
The Moon moves on to interact harmoniously with Venus and Mars later in the evening, making this a great time for social interaction and relationships.  
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