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The Astrology of the State of Emergency

swine flu.jpgI hope this will be my last post on the swine flu!!  Eric Francis has done a beautiful job of analyzing the chart (April 26, 2009, 12:34 pm, Washington DC) for the state of emergency that was announced Sunday and breaking down the climate of fear that surrounds this whole swine flu thing.

Eric writes (my comments are in brackets):

This chart reminds me of a Jaguar with someone riding the clutch. The engine is roaring and the power is not getting to the wheels. It’s an extraordinarily powerful chart — but the Moon is void of course. That is to say, the Moon has made its last aspect and is essentially drifting through Taurus at the time of the announcement.


Mars is square Pluto to one arc minute — 1/60th of a degree. This is just stunning. Check out the 9th house — that is the house of international things. We are likely to see a big response here. Mars is in the international house and Pluto is in the health house, the 6th. They are in a perfect square and that says action: international response.  [Also likely conflict between nations on how to handle the crisis.]

Mars, Venus and Pluto are all activating the Aries Point [0 degrees Aries] (the personal is political), so this is a chart with far-reaching public energy. Uranus is close behind, in Pisces, right on the 9th cusp, adding a sense of urgency, though it’s in Pisces — more emotional than mental. But the Moon void is the first factor that leads one to wonder where it’s all going. Generally, you need a strong Moon to have a strong chart. The activating agent in this horoscope is the very precise Mars square Pluto. [Pluto is associated with viruses as a rule but mysterious illness falls under Neptune’s purview.]


The second factor that raises doubts is that Mercury is in a tight square to Neptune. Actually this is Mercury square Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron. …  In a public chart, it warns us that what is being announced simply may not be true. I don’t doubt that there is a flu outbreak; I doubt the importance of the issue, and the relevance of the findings. I know I would look like an ass if the Mexican flu wiped out half the planet, but I don’t think it’s going to do anything of the kind. I have the luxury of talking about this as an astrologer and not a government official responsible for millions of lives. We do NOT know the truth here — the chart is warning this in spades. What is the source of the lie, or the motive? I am not getting data on that, but that group of Mercury aspects is sounding a loud warning. [Breaking it down, we have the Moon separating from a conjunction to Mercury by less than a degree, demonstrating the highly emotional context of the announcement, and this combination is being challenged by Pluto, which aggrandizes the emotion and makes it more important than perhaps it is.  Chiron brings up our fears, and Neptune clouds the issue and facilitates illusion and group-think.]


read more here…

That this issue is predominating the global consciousness is shown by Leo rising, and the ruler of the chart, the Sun, elevated in the 10th house at the top of the chart.  Mars, the ruler of the 10th, is square to Pluto which shows a great deal of fear and possibly death.  Eric says Pisces on the cusp of the 8th house of death denotes “death anxiety,” and this is also reflected by the combination of the confusion of the Neptune square with the intensity of the Mars/Pluto square.
Still, fear is always our own worst enemy.  Fear is the real virus: It’s useful to use caution and be smart, but leave the wolf of fear outside the door.  
  • Charles Cosimano

    Well, judging from the numbers of people shopping, none of whom are wearing masks, I saw tonight, any panic that exists is pretty much confined to the media, whom, of course, have nothing better to do with their lives.

  • Rollan McCleary

    I am wondering about the technicalities of void of course in this case. The moon is not a degree past conjunction with Mercury and it is approaching a square to Part of Fortune which from memory I think (but correct me) Ivy Goldstein would take as an aspect in cases of event charts. Plus I believe moon in the sign of its strength like Cancer and Taurus is deemed never totally VOC. Then I am thinking that although the announcement has the time it did I fancy some might argue that there were decisions and board room meetings making statements before all this went to media and these should supply the chart. I feel this is a tricky piece of astrology, tricky as its subject.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Ah, Charles, that 24 hour news cycle and each media outlet trying to out-hysteria the other.
    Rollan – Horary astrology is a field of study that takes years to practice, and although I have a growing fascination with it I cannot pretend to have really any knowledge on the subject. I am, though, very suspicious of these flu eruptions. Much has been said in this case about the fact that pigs and birds are not kept together in Mexico so how could this hybridization have occurred if not in a lab?

  • Astrosage

    This outbreak of mass-anxiety (Its not quite hysteria yet), like several others, does wonders for the peddlers of happy-pills, and it allows government organizations to test their response in the event of a real problem.
    The news media gain significant bandwidth out of it, so they wring it for all its worth.
    The only people who really lose are ordinary people who lose their peace-of-mind, but that has never figured strongly in the objectives of national security organizations, drug companies, or media companies.
    Its great to see some astrologers peddling something other than fear.

  • Mike

    Maybe this is a test run for other fear mongering campaigns. I mean, so 109 people in the entire USA has a new strain of flu. SO WHAT? You have a better chance of getting hit going to work in your car. And this flu has killed one toddler so far in this country. The hysteria is ridiculous and unfounded.

  • Lynn Hayes

    I agree completely, Astrosage, and with you too Mike. I am perhaps overly suspicious of the pharmaceutical industry who would like to keep us continually reaching for one prescription or another to assuage all fears.

  • Cecelia

    Per the Sydney Moring Herald (,”A member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has dismissed claims that more than 150 people have died from swine flu, saying it has officially recorded only seven deaths around the world.”
    Maybe the MSM (main street media) didn’t want to talk about torture anymore…

  • Jude

    I put this out on the Political Waves post today — we need to keep our wits about us.
    Scientists see this flu strain as relatively mild
    Genetic data indicate this outbreak won’t be as deadly as that of 1918, or even the average winter.
    Karen Kaplan and Alan Zarembo, Los Angeles Times
    April 30, 2009,0,119808,full.story

  • Lynn Hayes

    Cecelia, your post made me google the WHO and I found this article: Evidently the WHO is actually ramping up the hysteria. But here’s what makes me suspicious: “But the World Health Organization said the global threat is nevertheless serious enough to ramp up efforts to produce a vaccine against the virus.” Yeah – create a panic and then make a vaccine which earns billions of dollars for Big Pharma. In light of the link Jude posted that is particularly annoying.

  • Rossa

    Robert Phoenix had this link in his latest post:
    A company manufacturing human flu vaccine “accidently” contaminated it with avian flu !!!
    Fortunately some Czech researchers picked up on it when testing the vaccine, but they can’t recall all of the batch that has been contaminated.
    So if you want a real scare, surely the idea that all the elderly that queue up for their flu jab this winter may not be able to be absolutely sure that what they’re given in the shot is just a vaccine and no live virus.
    But then if this had got out into Europe they would have made a fortune with the vaccine to “cure” their own mistake.
    Wonder who owns Baxters or is that just the cynic in me…I think we’re being distracted from what is really going on and the real story is somewhere else.

  • Susan Morgan

    Hi Lynn,
    I’ve come back to your post on this State of Emergency as it has strangely echoed the feelings of not one, but several people close to me admit to having. None of these who confided misgivings about the flu story we’re being told by WHO and CDC is tuned into astrology in any way. Both were rattled when I mentioned the deceptive cast to the State of Emergency chart, as they had been unnerved by their own seemingly unsupported “gut” feelings.
    Interesting that people are able to pick up on the feeling of being “deceived” all on their own. As if that energy is out there for the perceptive to tap into.
    My suggestion would be to “trust, but verify” when it comes to this H1N1 thing. Remember, people in the WTC towers on that AM of 9/11 were told “all is well, go back to work”. Those who trusted in that, died – those who didn’t at least had a chance.
    Anyhow, thanks for an intriguing post, as usual.

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