Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

The Moon will be void of course until it leaves Leo for Virgo at 11:55 am today.  Void of course moon periods are not to be feared, but they are better times for completing projects than for beginning them.  The Moon is completing its passage through Virgo after facing off against Mars, Chiron and Neptune, and a little quiet time will be a welcome respite from the intensity over the past 12 hours which have brought a spate of violence all around the world:

  • Home-made bombs exploded in Tibet;
  • A preacher was murdered in Illinois;
  • An attack on the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe killed his wife;
  • Tornadoes swept across the midwest of the US;
  • British soldiers were murdered in Northern Ireland;
  • North Korea is warning of war and has closed its borders;
  • Violence flares on the Pakistani border with Afghanistan;
  • Fighting intensified in Sri Lanka.
This violence erupted as Mars (aggression, violence) made its way past Chiron (wounds and sensitivities) and Neptune (that which is obscured or deluded), and over the past twelve hours the Moon was activating all three planets.  Once the Moon enters Virgo we will have a couple of days where the details at hand take on a new importance.  We become more practical; more concerned with safety, security, and improving the general ecology of our lives.

After the Moon enters Virgo we may find ourselves somewhat restless as the Moon approaches an opposition to Mercury (thoughts, communication) and it may be more difficult for us to separate our emotions from the facts at that time.  However, the Moon is also moving towards a trine to Pluto, so we are feeling more balanced and with a greater sense of emotional strength and power now.  This will help us to get down to the underlying issues and fix them.  All of this happens in the early afternoon, peaking at around 5 pm. 

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