Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

The Moon continues to make its way through Leo, and today it will face off against the planets in Aquarius.  Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs; where Leo is concerned with matters of the personal ego, Aquarius seeks to transcend individual personality for the sake of the collective.  These are some of the issues that are at play today. 

We also have an interesting combination of other planetary influences. Mars formed an exact conjunction to Neptune at around 8 am this morning – a challenging event that can create a general sense of unease as our deeper instincts and desires become subsumed by Neptune’s watery urge for transcendence.  This influence will remain in effect for most of the day although it will continue to wane.  Physical activity is a great way to release Mars energy that becomes blocked if it becomes uncomfortable.

The Moon is opposite Jupiter this morning, which is a relatively benign event that may serve to create a bit of impatience and a tendency to overindulge.  However, a harmonious trine from the Moon to Venus helps to add to our general sense of well-being and facilitates our interactions with others, culminating at 10 am EST.  

This may be muted somewhat by an opposition of the Sun to Saturn which peaks at around 2 pm.  Until then we may find ourselves feeling somewhat blocked or confined, with perhaps a bit of negativity if we are not careful.  

This is a rather challenging cocktail of emotional change, but these are quickly moving planetary events.  Hang in there, and focus on what is important.  The Moon will begin to face off against Chiron, Neptune and Mars beginning at around 10 pm, but this influence will begin in the early evening EST and you may find yourself experiencing some complicated emotions.  Dive into the emotional realm and see what is there, and pay attention to dreams tonight which will likely have a wealth of information that could be useful.
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