Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

The Moon enters Leo at 8:24 this morning, bringing more fire back into our lives and an increased desire for action and decisive steps in our lives to bring us closer to the life WE want to live.  Leo is the sign of the ego, and ideally we want to develop an ego that is healthy and secure, and therefore free from the various psychological disorders that plague our society today.

The Moon is inactive today, but Mars is approaching a conjunction to Neptune that will culminate tomorrow morning.  Mars and Neptune are not natural allies – Mars wants action, aggression, inspiration – Neptune wants to transcend such things and seeks a state of ascension or oblivion, depending upon which side of Neptune we see.  When Mars collides with Neptune there can be an uplifting spiritual experience where we suddenly feel love for all of humanity (since Neptune as the “higher octave” of Venus is the planet of divine love), or we could find ourselves with a roiling unease if our assertiveness is dissolved by Neptune’s mists.  

Under Neptune events it is usually helpful to seek the spiritual high road, but it’s important not to let Mars drown in the process. Setting good boundaries and speaking our minds in a calm and strong way is the positive side of Mars from a psychological point of view.  
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