Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

The Moon is now in Taurus, and very active today.  As I write this it is preparing to trine Saturn at 7:43 am, honing our skills and developing our talents and helping us to organize our day to include that which is practical.  However, by that time the Moon will be moving into a square (challenging aspect) to Mars (aggression) and Mercury (thought patterns and communication) that will culminate between 10 and 11 this morning EST.  Our emotional needs become more urgent and harder to express under this influence, and conflicts can arise as a result.  It will be more difficult to remain calm, even under the Taurus influence that desires nothing more than serenity and comfort.

We get a short break from this period of minor challenge after 11 am when the Moon makes a harmonious sextile to Uranus and we begin to see our way out of any challenge, but this is soon followed by a challenging square from the Moon to Chiron and Neptune, stripping us of our emotional defenses and leaving us feeling more sensitive and vulnerable.  There is a purpose to this of course: the sense of vulnerability brings us that much closer to experiencing the reality of who we are at our core level.  We may find that we are able to skip the painful part of the process and move right into the release, as Martine wrote in the comments yesterday.  Letting go of the ego’s defenses is key under this influence.

The Moon will be “void of course” from 5:42 pm when it squares Neptune until it enters Gemini at 2:59 am.  It is best to avoid beginning anything new during this period, but if it must be done just be aware that there is a lack of focus now, and your project will require a greater expenditure of your own energy in order to be successful. 
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