Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

The financial markets have been responding to the retrograde turn of Venus with a stunning reversal into a rally which lasted for four days.  With the Moon in optimistic Sagittarius, I would have expected the rally to last at least until the Moon entered Capricorn, but news from the financial sector burst the Sagittarian bubble of hope and brought the market numbers down yesterday.  

Today will likely be a roller coaster on Wall Street. There may be a short rebound today as the Moon forms a harmonious trine to Venus this morning.  At around 10:30 a challenging square of the Moon to Mercury may create some inner tension between our thought process and our emotional world, and this can create imbalance in the markets as well.  Optimism returns with a harmonious sextile of the Moon to Jupiter in the late morning and culminating at about 1:30 pm EDT, but shortly thereafter we will begin to feel the negative effects of Saturn as the Moon approaches a square to that glum planet that will culminate at about 4:30 EDT.

We may find ourselves on a bit of an emotional roller coaster as well with these alternating expansive and contracting influences.  If we learn to move with the motion of the ocean we are less likely to become seasick, and the same is true with the planetary movements!  Don’t be surprised if you have trouble sleeping tonight – the Moon will square restless Uranus at around 3 am and the creativity impulse may wake you.  If that happens, you may find some surprising ideas or emotional clues waiting for you. 
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