Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

Today should be a perfectly pleasant day overall, other than the impending face-off between Saturn (structure, order, hard work and achievement) and Uranus (breakdown of the status quo, revolutionary new ideas).  The Saturn/Uranus opposition peaks tomorrow but because it is a much slower planetary cycle we are not likely to notice any big fireworks on that particular day.  
Meanwhile the Moon begins the day with a trine (harmonious aspect) to expansive and optimistic Jupiter around 9 am that will infuse us with a feeling that anything can happen today.  Jupiter gives us faith in the goodness of life and a sense of justice, making this a good morning for difficult negotiations or discussions.
Mars enters Aquarius at 10:55 am – in Aquarius Mars is the Visionary as the planet of drive and energy (Mars) enters the sign of innovation and social justice (Aquarius).  Mars in Aquarius is better at creating strategies and brilliant new plans for getting things done, and not as good at the practical applications that are required to carry out the plan.  
With Mars now in Aquarius we are back to five planets in the sign of the revolutionary, carrying on the theme of Change that has been so strong over the past year.  The other planets in Aquarius are Jupiter, the Sun, Chiron and Neptune.  Over the next week or so Mars will begin to form a conjunction to Jupiter, expanding and increasing (Jupiter) the energy of change (Mars) in a powerful way that facilitates our ability to create through the sheer force of will.  However, those of us without the practical grounding of Earth in our charts may find it hard to put those ideas into a practical application without a conscious effort to do so.  
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