Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

Today is a relatively quiet day in the celestial realms, other than a square of the Moon to Venus that occurred at 3:19 am in a tight aspect to Mars in my chart, causing me to awake from a very sound sleep!  Other than that, the Moon makes no major aspects to the major planets today.  
We are in the window of the effects of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon on Monday, February 9, and over the next few days the lunar influence will intensify, especially after the Moon enters Leo late Saturday night.  This next Eclipse opposes the Chiron/Neptune conjunction so there is an opportunity for release and healing as well as a deepening of wisdom.  
Wisdom and intelligence are very different.  Intelligence is a natural facility for learning and understanding.  Wisdom is the application of understanding combined with emotional maturity, and this is where Chiron comes in.  Chiron helps us to develop emotional maturity by helping us to release emotional blocks from the past so that we can move forward with a deeper understanding, which helps to foster greater wisdom.  Combined with Neptune’s mysticism this is a powerful force for spiritual advancement if we are fearless in our desire to know the truth.  
Over the next few days it may be useful to spend some time in self-examination to prepare for the eclipse which is likely to open a window into areas where we may still be stuck and to show us how we can use the power of Chiron and Neptune to move forward with greater wisdom. 
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