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by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

Today is the big day!  The exact moment of the opposition between Saturn and Uranus.  I wonder if it can be summed up in the US by the fact that we have a President who actually admitted he was wrong (about sticking with Daschle after the tax problems surfaced).  I’m being facetious, but the signs of change are really everywhere.  Change isn’t always comfortable, and when we have an opposition (180 degrees) between two planets there is a tension and a pull between the two.  Here we have Saturn on the one end, wanting stability, structure, conservative values.  Uranus is pulling the other side of the rope, wanting social justice and a revolution against the established structure that isn’t working for the people.  A populist revolution.  And underneath it all, Pluto in Capricorn which is ready to complete the destruction of any structures which are diseased or rotten. 

Someone sent me this great link to Robert Reich’s blog discussing this very subject:

Typical Americans are hurting very badly right now. They resent people who appear to be living high off a system dominated by insiders with the right connections. They’ve become increasingly suspicious of the conflicts of interest, cozy relationships, and payoffs that seem to pervade not only official Washington but our biggest banks and corporations. In short, many Americans who have worked hard, saved as much as they can, bought a home, obeyed the law, and paid every cent of taxes that were due are beginning to feel like chumps. Their jobs are disappearing, their savings are disappearing, their homes are worth far less than they thought they were, their tax bills are as high as ever if not higher — but people at the top seem to be living far different lives in a different universe. They’re the executives and traders on Wall Street have lived like kings for years off a bubble of their own making while ripping off small investors, the financial louts who are now taking hundreds of billions of taxpayer bailout money while awarding themselves huge bonuses and throwing lavish parties, the corporate CEOs who are earning seven figures while laying off thousands of workers, the billionaire hedge-fund and private-equity managers who are paying a marginal tax rate of 15 percent on what they say are capital gains while people who earn a fraction of that are paying a higher rate, and, not the least, the Washington insiders who have served on the Hill or in an administration and then gone on to pocket millions as lobbyists for the same companies they once regulated or subsidized. To the American who’s outside the power centers — the places of entitlement and I’ll-scratch-your-back-while-you-scratch-mine deal making — the entire system seems rotten.

And so we have a minor revolution.  This isn’t Uranus and Pluto, which would be a rather major revolution at a core level.  This is Saturn and Uranus, striving to balance a system that has been very lopsided for quite some time.
The Moon interacts with the Saturn/Uranus opposition this morning on the East Coast of the US, by forming a T-square which peaks at 7:45 am.  Some of us (me) might have awoken early as a result of the intensification of energy that occurred from this dynamic.  From there the Moon moves on to form a trine (harmonious aspect) to Chiron at 8 am which helps to smooth out the rough edges and help us to regain our balance.  By 10 or so the Moon begins to align with Neptune in a harmonious dance (trine) at 12:44 pm that heightens our creativity and our connection to the divine self within.
The Moon will enter Cancer tonight at 11:06 pm and for the next few days we will all be a little more sensitive, a little more vulnerable and a little more interested in cooking.  (Rich will like that!)  
Throughout the day we will be feeling the effects of the square from Venus to Pluto which will peak at 11:25 pm and intensify our interpersonal relationships.  This doesn’t have to be a negative experience, but the Pluto influence will reveal any chinks in the way we relate to one another which could create problems if we would rather sweep those issues under the rug.  Pluto digs out all of the secrets, so this is no time for subterfuge!

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