Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

The effect of the New Moon may still be around for the next couple of days – not everyone experiences lunar events the same way, and not all of us experience them consistently even in our own lives.  They will typically have a stronger effect on us when they aspect a planet or point in our own chart.  In any event, there is a fresh new energy today after the Sun and the Moon aligned in the early degrees of Pisces yesterday.

The Sun opposes the nurturing planet Ceres this morning, which is an interesting symbol for the beginning of Lent today (Ash Wednesday).  Ceres rules over issues relating to how we nurture and care for ourselves, including our relationship to food, and Lent marks the beginning of a lengthy period of abstinence.  The Sun today illuminates areas  where we may find it difficult to feed ourselves – whether physically or spiritually. 

Mercury is moving into alignment for a harmonious dance with Venus today which will culminate at 8 pm EST.  There is a lightness to our thoughts and conversations, and our relationships with others will be easier than usual.  We may find ourselves wanting to engage in creative mental pursuits rather than anything overly intellectual, and our sense of romance is likely to be heightened.  

At the same time though, the Moon will set off the opposition between Saturn and Uranus which will create some internal dissonance that could leak out into our external world.  This influence will begin late in the afternoon and peak late at night and into the early morning.  Watch your dreams!  
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