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by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.  

Monday begins with a square from the Moon to Jupiter in the early morning on the US East Coast that offers a feeling of abundance and positive thoughts.  This buoyancy will continue into the early afternoon when the Moon forms a trine (harmonious aspect) to Ceres and we feel more connected to the Earth and in a natural flow. The Moon is in Taurus now where we are focused on that which makes us comfortable and feel secure. It’s a good time to pay bills, to cook a good meal, to enjoy the comfort of loved ones or a furry pet. Physical energy may be lower than usual, but our stamina will be stronger. 

Towards the late afternoon the Moon begins to square the Sun, an aspect which becomes exact at 6:13 pm.  Under this influence (until around 8-9 pm) our emotions don’t fit very well into our world, and we require an internal adjustment in order to manage the small events of our lives.  

Venus enters Aries at 10:41 pm where it will stay for the next few months due to its retrograde turn later this year.  This will be a time when we want what we want out of life, especially our relationships with others.

Skywatch for February is posted now, and you can read the whole article here, but here is the introduction including more on Venus entering Aries:

The big planetary news in February is the second phase of the opposition between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is the planet of restriction, of structure, of form and that which is already established. Uranus is the planet that urges us to break free from the past and begin something new and completely different. These two planets have been within two degrees since November, and we have seen this tension between the old and the new since before the US election. All over the world, new governments are forming and new ideas are taking root. Change does not come easily for many, and resistance is always present in the face of great adjustments and we are seeing this reflected daily in the news reports. 

There is a lack of the Fire element right now and still a strong presence of the Air element with four planets in Aquarius, so there are lots of ideas and discussions (Air rules communication and the mental process) but little inspiration or energy (Fire) to put these ideas into motion. On February 5 when Mars joins the other planets in Aquarius, this situation will be even more pronounced although Venus will have entered Aries on the 3rd and at least our interactions with others will become a little more enthusiastic and inspired. 

We have also had a lack of the square (90 degree) aspect which can make it more difficult to find the energy to make things happen. Squares create conflict – they are uncomfortable and we don’t like them, but the conflict that is created under the square aspect creates the need for resolution and ultimately transformation. Without squares, it’s easy to remain locked in an attempt to create change that keeps sliding backwards into complacency. The only “hard” aspect at work now is the opposition between Saturn and Uranus, so the pressure for change is there but without the conflict that brings it to a head, requiring action and transformation.

We are seeing this operate on the global level where governments recognize the need to make a change but do not seem to be getting anywhere in accomplishing this. In our personal lives we must use the sheer power of our will to put our lives in motion towards the direction in which we are heading. 

Mercury has been retrograde (appearing to move backward from our perspective on earth), but turns direct in the early hours of February 1. We may experience some lingering effects of the retrograde period over the next few days during the “shadow” period. Mercury has been within range of a harmonious aspect to both Saturn and Uranus over the past few days and this has helped to facilitate the easing of Saturn’s resistance and a balance of the impetuous tendencies of Uranus. 

On the evening of February 2 Venus enters the Fire sign of Aries, introducing the first Fire influence that we have experienced since December when Mars left Sagittarius. The presence of the Fire element gives us more physical energy and a general sense of excitement, and without it we can feel stuck in the practical (earth), the emotional (Water) or the realm of ideas (Air) without the ability to take action. With Venus entering Aries we have more energy for relationships. It will become easier to pick up the phone and call a friend, or be affectionate with our spouse. 

Venus is going to be in Aries for quite a long time this year rather than the usual month or so because it will retrograde in March at the midpoint of Aries and travel back briefly into Pisces before returning to Aries into early June. If you are seeking a relationship this could be a good time for it – Venus in Aries is rather courageous in its search for love and it may be easier to become energized in the pursuit of your romantic goals.

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