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by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

It was interesting to read the tales of good fortune in the comments after the post on Lucky Friday the 13th!  The powerful Aquarius influence continues with the entry of Mercury (thoughts and communication) into Aquarius yesterday, joining  Mars, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune.  Aquarius wants innovation, radical change and disruption of the status quo.  There is a strong desire under the Aquarian influence for social justice and equality among all humans, and a desire for individual freedom.  However, contrary to popular opinion and popular songs from 1960s musicals, Aquarius is unfortunately not all about peace and harmony.  Aquarius is about disrupting the status quo with radical new ideas that will change the planet – hopefully for the better, for everyone has a different idea of how this should happen.  You have only to look as far as Dick “I know best how to radically change the face of the United States” Cheney to see how Aquarius can be expressed.  

We have been under a strong Aquarian influence all year, which has been really useful because we need the most brilliant Aquarian ideas to come up with ideas for rebuilding our world out of the ashes of a failed global economic system.  Change doesn’t come overnight, but these Aquarian ideas that are radical and new are the best way to begin.

The Moon entered Scorpio yesterday morning and is there still, where it began a series of squares (challenging aspect) to the Aquarian planets that began in the middle of the night with a potentially irritating square of the Moon to Mars, and early this morning with a square of the Moon to Jupiter, a somewhat restless but generally optimistic and expansive event.  By this time, though, the planetary arena has quieted down and today should be relatively restful.

The exact alignment of Jupiter with Mars that has been written about for Valentine’s Day doesn’t actually culminate until the 17th, but the planets are moving into position now.  Jupiter is expansion and optimism, and there will be a great deal of energy available during this period for physical activity and sports.  Our enthusiasm will be heightened, and because the two planets are in Aquarius this intensified energy may be quite mental, but mental activity can increase physical energy, and the reverse is also true.

The Moon will form a very pleasant aspect to the opposition of Saturn and Uranus in the sky between midnight and 2 am EST, but then will move on to square Chiron and Neptune in the early hours of the morning.  This could signify a very active dream world for those of us sleeping during these hours.  The aspect to Saturn and Uranus are empowering for our moods, and the square to Chiron in particular can signify an increased sensitivity and with the square to Neptune, the potential to feel somewhat confused and foggy in the early morning leading up to the exact aspect to Neptune around 8 am.  
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