Astrological Musings

Astrological Musings

Tonight’s Full Moon is another Supermoon!!

Like December’s Full Moon, tonight’s Full Moon will be the biggest Full Moon in 2009. I certainly noticed its power at 3 am last night when a huge lunar floodlamp filled my bedroom!  Spaceweather says it’s as much as 14% wider and 30% brighter than the usual Full Moon.  It’s sitting right on a sensitive point in my chart, and I am really feeling it!

How about you?  
  • Mariza

    I always think full moons are new beginnings. I am hoping for a good 2009 so everyt full moon brings me closer to my goals.

  • sue

    I’m feeling spacy, in pain, and very depressed.

  • Beverly

    I have been very motivated and full of energy; creating, writing and laughing. I have also been focused on taking more time for myself and doing what I truely want to do.

  • Joseph

    Hi Lynn
    > I certainly noticed its power at 3 am last night when a huge lunar floodlamp filled my bedroom!
    Big indeed. Here in Hawaii the Full Moon was near the zenith around midnight. Relentless would be one adjective. Here’s a recent NASA image you may want to add to this blog entry:
    Sue: Cancer Full Moon can bring up issues around how you feel or don’t feel nurtured. Also, can trigger feelings of sorrow and regrets. It comes up so you can work with it consciously, if you choose.

  • Marlene

    I am a Leo, and felt better than in a about a week, called positive people to deal with “stuff” and felt extremely motivated to be productive.

  • Marianne

    I must be some kind of freak because the only time I notice full moons is when I go outside to actually witness it! I checked early this evening and it did, indeed, seem extremely bright. Unfortunately when I went out several hours later, the sky had become overcast. Bummer! I love full moons, particularly when it’s slightly cloudy but very windy and I can watch the clouds flow over the moon. It’s really a beautiful sight. Too bad I will miss it this month.

  • Ruben

    I remember as a child I witnessed many a full moon, like tonights, I am in Dallas and the moon is almost straight up. What I don’t understand is why the clouds form a circle around the moon. what is the relation between the clouds and the moon? does anybody have the answer to this question? sure would like to have an explanation, my mother would call this phenomenon, the moon has a house because the weather is going to change. superstition I know, but, there should be a scientific explanation. thanks

  • Loup-Garou

    As a werewolf, I have been particularly exhausted by this full moon and only return to my human form for about one hour after midnight each night for the next seven. Oh, dear, it’s 12:58….

  • Wink B

    Yes, the moon was absolutely spectacular. Many thanks to Joseph for posting that lovely photo too! I wish I had been there to see that.

  • Ellen

    It was raining here in North Georgia last night but I hope to see it this evening.
    The spotlight was in my bedroom window for a few nights also.

  • Joe

    The ring around the Moon is simply ice crystals in the atmosphere reflecting the light. It’s similar to the so-called sun-dogs that form the near-rainbow around the Sun.

  • Lynn Hayes

    I’m not usually all that sensitive to the Moon but this one has been incredibly intense for me! It sits right on Uranus in my chart, which exactly squares my Saturn/Sun/Neptune conjunction. I feel that I am plugged directly into an energy source and my hair and all of my neurons are standing up on end. :)

  • cimbalok

    I have no planets in Cancer but Cancer is the sign of the public, the Moon is happy in Cancer, and I was scheduled to play my regular gig at the Czech restaurant. I considered canceling on account of the nasty snow (12″) but ultimately decided to brazen it out and go anyway. There were almost no diners and it was horribly quiet. I told the manager that if it got any livlier a funeral was going to break out! I planned to leave after 2 hours instead of 3 (giving up 33% of my pay in the bargain) but just as I was putting my CDs away 2 more tables were seated and I stayed and played the full 3 hours.
    The amazing thing was that even though there were very few patrons it was a good tip night. I made better tips last night under that Cancer Moon that was full than I’ve made on days when the room was full!

  • sunny610

    With my Ascendant and 3 planets in Cancer, I’m usually sensitive to the Moon’s cycles. The last Full Moon hit my Venus/Saturn conjunction in the first house, and I’m feeling melancholy.
    My chart has been lit up like the 4th of July lately, with the Saturn/Uranus opposition sitting directly on my IC/MC, exactly square my natal Sun/Uranus/North Node conjunction in the 12th. I’ve been feeling the pressure, and I’ve experienced only the first pass!
    I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, crawling back into my cave to lick my wounds.

  • Marianne

    I remember when I was little my mother telling me that a ring around the moon meant rain within 24 hours. And it always seems to be accurate, altho I can’t explain why. But it is very interesting!

  • Heather

    I got in to work today (Monday the 12th) to news of three births over the weekend and today! Talk about new beginnings in motherhood. A lovely intro to the new year!

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