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Last night at dinner, my friend Andrea said “Don’t you feel that we need to do something to be the change.gifhelp the new President make the change we are looking for?  He will need our help!”  Here is an opportunity to do just that.  The Declaration of Service says, in part: 

WE BELIEVE in the ideals that define America: liberty, equality, and justice. 

WE BELIEVE the idea of America is ennobled, and the future of America is
strengthened, when Americans come together to serve their country. 

WE BELIEVE there is no challenge that cannot be met with the energy,
creativity, and determination of the American people. 

WE BELIEVE all individuals can make a difference and anyone can be
great because anyone can serve. …

WE CALL on each other and leaders from all sectors of American life, private, public, and non-profit, to work together to create ample opportunities for citizens to serve their communities, their country, and the world. 

WE ENCOURAGE all communities to build upon the strength of our nation’s
diversity of ideas, experience, and perspectives as we unite to serve. 

WE ARE READY to meet the challenges of our time. We are ready to do our part in America’s timeless quest for a more perfect union, and I am ready to begin now by adding my name to this Declaration.

I signed the pledge, and committed to provide at least 50 hours of service annually to my local community, which is about an hour a week.  There’s something very different about donating your actual time and physical body to a cause, rather than just throwing money at it.  In the past I have volunteered at animal shelters, tutoring middle school children, and in nursing homes.  My mother has been looking for a volunteer opportunity recently, and in volunteering together with her perhaps I can accomplish two goals at one time.

You can search here for local events in your community, for Martin Luther King Day (tomorrow) and beyond.
I encourage you to sign the pledge and commit with me to helping to bring the change we want to see in our nation.  Under the astrological passage beginning last year of the planet Pluto, ruler of Transformation, through the sign of Capricorn which deals with social structures, governments and businesses, there is no doubt that our world is being transformed.  If we want change, we must be that change.  Let’s work together to make it happen!

be the change.gif

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