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by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.  The Moon continues its passage through Aquarius today, stopping this morning to bridge the gap between the Chiron and Neptune.  The Moon is typically not very emotional in Aquarius, so we will experience less of the sensitivity of the Moon Chiron, but there will still be a need to attend to what our heart is calling out for.  The Moon signifies our emotional desires and needs, and Chiron asks the question, “are we getting what we need emotionally?”  The combination of the Moon with Neptune that peaks in midday is more inventive in Aquarius, and creative energy from Neptune is more accessible.  This is a wonderful day for discovering new solutions to problems, or new ways to conceptualize our everyday world.

Mercury (mental function) is still conjunct Mars (energy, anger) in Capricorn, and the strong mental focus of this configuration combines beautifully with the creative inventiveness of the Aquarian Moon and Neptune.  
Once the Moon passes Neptune at noon it will be “void of course” until early the following morning when it enters Pisces, traveling unencumbered by aspects to any other planet. This may be a time when the imagination is a little more free, but perhaps a bit impractical.  It’s a good time for activities that are more creative and inspirational, but perhaps not so good for new beginnings of major projects that require a great deal of grounded energy.
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