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Autism: The astrological connection

autism.jpgby Lynn Hayes

The recent death of John Travolta’s son Jett has brought the discussion of autism back into the news.  It has long been rumored that Jett was autistic and John Travolta’s brother Joey, founder of the organization Actors for Autism, had long argued the case.  However, autism is not recognized by the Church of Scientology of which the Travoltas are members, so Jett was never tested for autism and therefore not diagnosed and treated.
I am certainly sympathetic to the Travolta’s desire to keep their child free of psychiatric drugs, and I have long believed that the autism phenomenon, rather than a disorder to be treated, marks a significant shift in genetic patterning of the human race. The statistics are staggering:  1 in 150 American children are now diagnosed to be somewhere on the autism spectrum. 
There appear to be many different statistical correlations that suggest connections to possible causes: mercury in vaccines, genetic history of families, and even the self-selection of geeks to other geeks.  All provide reasonable arguments, yet no single cause stands out.  After mercury was removed from vaccines in 1999, he autism rate continued to climb making this a less convincing cause.  There is no doubt that autism spectrum disorders (ADS) are diagnosed more frequently now than in years past, but this increase in diagnosis does not reasonably explain the 800% and more increase in autism rates.
I have long felt that there is a Uranian component to the autism spectrum of disorders.  Astrological Uranus rules technology and all things geeky – it is the planet of innovation, of invention, of reason and new ways of thinking.  It is Uranus which opens the doorway to “Eureka” type experiences, that seem to come from nowhere in a blinding flash of insight.  Uranus is not concerned with emotion – it remains detached and focused on order.  
The astonishing rise of the prevalence of autism since the early 1990s suggests a link to the Uranus-Neptune conjunction that began in 1991 and continued through 1994.  The combination of Uranus to Neptune opened all kinds of doorways and dissolved the boundaries of reason and old paradigms of thinking.  The children that were born during this period carry this archetype within them, and they are a new breed entirely.  It is during this time that the concept of the “Indigo Children” began, as it was apparent that these new children were very different than the generations that preceded them, and it is in these children that we see the dramatic increase in autism rates.
But the astrological connection actually goes further and is closely tied to the Saturn/Uranus cycle. Saturn rules order and structure and Uranus is the rebel and radical influence that destroys the status quo, so the cycle of Saturn and Uranus is often found during periods of radical change.  Many of the baby boomers who were active during the cultural upheaval of the 1960s have Saturn squared to Uranus in their charts. Autism was first described in 1910 by Swiss psychiatrist Eugene Bleuler as he was defining symptoms of schizophrenia.  At the time, Saturn in Aries was exactly square to Uranus in Capricorn.  
The term “autism” was first used in its modern sense in 1943 by a child psychiatrist named Leo Kanner at Johns Hopkins Institute, and one year later by Hans Asperger in Vienna.  During this time Saturn and Uranus had both just entered and conjoined in Gemini, the sign that rules communication and the mental process.  
Despite this early discovery of the autism phenomenon, it wasn’t until 1985-1987 that the autism rate began to increase dramatically.  During this time, Saturn and Uranus were conjunct in Sagittarius and both planets were opposed by Chiron, the wounded healer, which was in Gemini at the time.  
Ever since the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in the early 1990s Uranus and Aquarius has been very active astrologically.  Uranus entered its own sign of Aquarius in 1995, marking the explosion of the technological revolution.  Neptune followed shortly thereafter, entering Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) in 1999 and blurring the boundaries (Neptune) between technology and reality in an explosion of virtual reality software and games such as SimWorld in which participants create an online world of their own.  
Wired Magazine has a fascinating article about “The Geek Syndrome,” postulating that what we call Aspergers is closely tied to the Geek personality found in Silicon Valley, home to one of the fastest increasing rates of autism spectrum diagnoses, and perhaps due to the self-selection of geeks who marry other geeks which intensifies the geeky qualities in their offspring.  In this article Hans Asperger, one of the first to diagnose the autism phenomenon, writes that one of his subjects:

“came to be preoccupied with fantastic inventions, such as spaceships and the like.” Here he added, “one observes how remote from reality autistic interests really are” – a comment he qualified years later, when spaceships were no longer remote or fantastic, by joking that the inventors of spaceships might themselves be autistic. 


So are these children autistic, or are they a new breed of human with a mind that operates differently?  I have a strong Uranian component in my chart (most astrologers do – Uranus rules astrology and any kind of thinking that breaks free of the “normal” paradigms), and Saturn squares Uranus in my chart as well.  I have long noticed that I exhibit some of the common traits attributed to the autistic spectrum such as a discomfort with being touched.  I also have a memory for phone numbers that puts me in the idiot savant category.  So I was very interested in the “Autism Quotient” test offered by Wired Magazine, and my score was 24 (normal is 16, with autistism beginning at 32).  
At the current time, Chiron is approaching a conjunction to Neptune in Aquarius, and Jupiter has just entered Aquarius making this an extremely Uranian time (because Uranus rules Aquarius).  We are on the threshold of the Age of Aquarius  and I have written often in these pages about the transformation of the human being into what is now being called “transhuman” in the mainstream press.  
If the autism rate continues to increase beyond the current rate of 1 in 150, we will need to change our thinking about what we are now calling a psychiatric disorder and expand our minds to accommodate the possibility that as humans we are entering a new age where technology and humanity are merging into a new life form.  This possibility is a frightening one for many of us, but it is quite likely that the trend cannot be stopped in which case we would be better off learning to adapt our civilizations to accommodate the new breed of human rather than continue to try to sequ
ester them away from the mainstream.
  • AnneS

    Mercury certainly wasn’t removed in 1999. It may or may not have been mostly down to trace amounts by around 2004. Even today, many vaccines for children have full amounts of mercury (flu shots) or trace amounts.
    In 1991, Merck officials knew the mercury was too high when you added up cumulative amounts. They kept that memo internal, and the public wasn’t made aware until 1999.

  • Anna Helvie

    Lynn, your points about Uranus, Asperger’s, autism and ‘geekism” are well-taken. And I do know some in the New Age community who think Autistics are a new, maybe more advanced breed of human.
    Well … both of my teen step-children, who live with their mother in another state, are autistic: they have Pervasive Developmental Disorder. My step-son is profound. At age 16, he cannot speak but communicates through expression and some hand gestures; functions at about a 5-year-old level (still can’t manage zippers, for instance); and has violent and sudden (very Uranian) temper outbursts. Last week he head-butted and scratched his mother severely to the point that she is now asking us to look for protective gear she can wear around the house. Risperdal is the only thing that can control his behaviors and we thank all the Gods for it for otherwise, my husband’s ex-wife would be insane herself from the stress — or perhaps more badly injured. Also, he rarely sleeps — melatonin has helped over the past few months, but it’s been years since his mother has had a full night’s sleep.
    My stepdaughter is much higher functioning and will likely have a fun, if highly limited life. But what will become of her when her mother, her father, and I are all dead? She will likely never be able to live independently, as she is also mildly mentally retarded.
    I see THIS scenario over and over. People think autism is just a cool & eccentric form of genius or the expresson of Indigo or Crystal children; but in truth, many, many people with autism or pervasive developmental disorder lead extremely difficult lives — difficult and frustrating, painful and depressing for themselves and for their caretakers. Many or most will need lifelong supervision by well-trained and patient caregivers. And once again, in this highly problematic world, what is going to become of them when our generation is dead and gone??
    The main Uranian component here might be a Shadow: the toxic fruits of technology. I believe some combination of “exposure events” before, during and after gestation is provoking the expression of PDD genes. In some cases it might be the mother has been exposed to something while the child is in utero. In others, it might be immune-system overload not from the mercury in vaccines, but just from too many vaccines given too close together. There are obviously food and chemical sensitivities.
    Asperger’s and high-functioning or subclinical autism aside — it’s a hard, heartbreaking condition.

  • Janey Z

    Many studies have been done. There is no link between vaccines and autism or any other developmental disability. It is time to stop spreading such idiotic false rumors. Without routine immunizations, children are once again becoming sick or even dying with illnesses that should barely even exist at this point.

  • Reader

    As Janey’s post so aptly illustrates, our health is a battleground where commercial interests pit themselves agains humanity, screaming “no evidence” where is suits them. I think the reasons for the growth of autism are more mundane than astrological, and are the same as the reasons for growth in cancer rates, depression, hormonal problems, you name it. Pollution, synthetics, vaccines, medicines, GM food, and all the other usual suspects are the more likely culprits. Of course, there is “no evidence”… 😉

  • JohnR

    Jane Y – No vaccinated vs unvaccinated study has ever been done, so how can you make such a confident statement? Is that the same CDC that now recommends that pregnant women (and fetus) receive a mercury flu shot? Is Uranus now conjunct with the CDC?

  • laurentius-rex

    I am a Scorpion and my stars must be ill favoured at the moment, having endured a fire, and been refused research funding, never mind all sorts of bureacratic and financial problems just being able to continue at Uni.
    I am also autistic BTW, and franky astrology is at least as scientific as the mercurians and $cient0logists who seem not only to be on a different planet but a different universe so far as the application of good old fashioned logic and reasoning is concerned.

  • JohnR

    laurentius-rex don’t you think it is possible that some these individuals who are more severely affected by autism than you have an injury that you do not have? I don’t claim a direct link between mercury and autism, but I have no doubt that injecting a neurotoxin into the blood stream of a pregnant woman is a really stupid idea when other options are available. If all people with autism were as high functioning as you, first there would be more people who could make the contributions that you have been able to make, and second people would be breeding for it. Can’t we agree to try to figure out why there are so many with the autism gene who are ‘sick’?

  • GoddessOneAtl

    My son adopted from Russia has moderate Autism. It is a nightmare! The only thing that has helped is Risperdal and some alternative therapies.
    I am all about Bikram yoga, meditation, but we have to physically separate my 2 boys due to violence and I am now going thru a divorce!!!
    We are doing a study here in ATl looking at ALL enviro toxins(including
    mercury) as cause.Remember that many pregnant Moms have high enviro toxin levels to begin with and unwhittingly predispose their babies to possible problems once they are born. I am Scorpio, Virgo moon,Sag ascd
    I view this as a karmic lesson leading me to where to be in service 😉

  • Lynn Hayes

    Excellent comments all – and there are scientific studies to back up every viewpoint. Still, there’s no dispute that autism rates continue to rise despite the mercury having been removed from the vaccines.
    We all live in the same poisonous environment. What makes some children autistic and others not? There are many many questions that need to be answered and the mystery continues.

  • JohnR

    Lynn – that will only be true when mercury comes out of the flu shots. My son, born in 2002, was offered mercury vaccines throughout his completion of the schedule, though we chose the newer versions. Still, mom had the flu shot, and I really wish I did not have that one remaining question mark.
    I enjoyed your article by the way. My favorite line was “There is no doubt that autism spectrum disorders (ADS) are diagnosed more frequently now than in years past, but this increase in diagnosis does not reasonably explain the 800% and more increase in autism rates.” Now how do we translate “reasonably” into something everyone can agree on?

  • Your Name

    I know this is going to sound way out there, but here goes anyway. (Five planets in Aquarius, sorry lol.) Now correct me if I’m wrong but I think I read that autistic people have no understanding of/or are unable to demonstrate affection or compassion. I’ve also read the same thing attributed to aliens by people who’ve claimed to have been abducted by them. Then there is the theory that aliens are really us, but in the future; they’re who we become. Could we be evolving toward what we now think of as aliens? Now there’s a creepy thought. I hope I’m wrong!
    BTW, I can’t resist taking online tests, and I scored 24, too.

  • Shane N.

    I struggle with how to view autism outside of the ‘who’s or what’s to blame’ dynamic. It’s so easy to look for someone or something to blame because then everything would be okay? Like Lynn writes, the rate But I push myself to try and move past that.
    I’ve heard some astrologers describe Uranus as the higher vibration of Mercury, so on some level seeing both discussed here is fascinating. But also, we’re part of life here on Earth, in the Universe, participating in the birthing of an entirely new Age (the Aquarian Age) – an entire shift of consciousness – with Uranus as the planet that rules that Age. The next 2,000+ years will be as influenced by Uranian energies as the last 2,000+ have been influenced by Neptunian energies. That’s a pretty profound shift, and it makes a certain sense that we’re engaging with very Uranian challenges like autism that can help us work with this new energy and learn how to begin to manage it. As commenters here have illustrated, it’s certianly not an easy road. Huge global shifts never have been. But it sounds like it’s necessary, and it’s going to continue whether we want to be conscious of the changes or not. Amazing times, really.

  • Marianne

    Oh for Pete’s sake…”Your Name” is me! Sorry, Lynn. LOL

  • Alyson Bradley

    No one knows the answers for autism, just like the universe, but the way I see it: Apart from being on the autism spectrum I have many co morbid / associated conditions… in fact a whole list, not sure anyone has it right, including myself. Often our labels can get over complicated… and near impossible to know which bit is which, with many overlaps, but any label does not change who we are. I have my own simplified version – The center as I see it, is us – the Autism heart, differently minded part… which to an extent feel many none autistic people just do not quite get or understand. So often the most important thing the center, gets neglected, so its no wonder we are often a little off balance.
    Surrounding the center are a web with many chaotic paths, often disjointed and ineffective, as these neuro associated conditions, co morbid mental disorders (or misunderstood difference), environmental factors are all blamed and continue to circle around the most important part of us. I feel its time other started with the center – the Autism Heart, forget the labels. Because if our hearts were balanced and allowed, as I see it. A lot of these existing links in the web, may start to fade… I feel many of the labels are often caused by others misinterpretation, dealing with small aspects of the whole person, often neglecting or not understanding our centers from when we are born.
    Until society changes how they view people with difference, this applies not just to adults but how we also teach our children, and awareness to put aspergers etc.. into the main stream of understanding and acceptance, many of us will continue to feel isolated, alone and at the edge of society, many of us have been damaged enough, and I feel its about time big changes were made… educate the uneducated in a way they can learn, at least give them a chance of life.
    Oneday I hope our actions will not cause reactions, after all some of the best minds of all time have and continue to be on the spectrum! Aspergers Parallel Planet

  • Susan Morgan

    Hi Lynn,
    I don’t have any personal experience with autism, but the astrological connections you point out are certainly compelling. What’s in our environment too… I shudder to think of the substances we’re all knowingly, and maybe not so knowingly, taking in.
    As for the aliens… if they’re advanced enough for space travel, I hope they are advanced enough to have retained their compassion for lesser species.
    Kudos to all the comments too, very interesting group of readers we have here…

  • Rossa

    While I know nothing about whether or not there is a link between Mercury and Autism, commonsense tells me that loading up an immature immune system with a vaccine overload must produce some reactions in a minority of cases.
    In the UK, children get 25 vaccines in 10 shots in 11 months and now they want to add a Chickenpox jab to the MMR jab at 13 months old (making it a 4 in 1 instead of 3 in 1). This is the vaccination timeline for these children:-
    2 months old – 5 in 1 jab for diptheria, tetanus, polio, whooping cough and flu. Also pneumococcal vaccine.
    3 months old – 5 in 1 jab and Meningitis C
    4 months – 5 in 1 jab and Meningitis C. Also pneumococcal vaccine.
    12 months – Combined Hib/Meningitis C vaccine
    13 months – MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) and pneumococcal vaccine. (This is the one they want to add Chickenpox too)
    Our government has taken away the choice from parents to get these vaccines delivered singularly unless you pay to go to a private clinic. The doctors also try to make parents feel guilty if they want to delay the jabs to allow their child time to adjust. Obviously the suspicion is that this is a cost reduction situation rather then the real need to protect our children from disease.
    I don’t know about you but I had a polio jab and very little else as a child. I’ve had measles as a child, mumps as a teenager and chickpox as an adult and I’m still here writing this! I managed to miss the Tuberculosis jab as a 14 year old ….can’t stand needles but at least at that age I had a choice. No child of 13 months or less can tell you if they are reacting to the vaccines they are given so surely it’s a lottery whether or not your child would develop Autism, any other syndrome or not.
    Also I don’t know why some of these jabs have to be repeated. Does it increase the cover or is this just the case that they give everything so that if a child gets any of these diseases the medical profession can say they did everything they could so they don’t get sued.
    As for Autistic children being the Indigo and Crystal children why would a newly evolved human being incarnate to suffer some of these appalling effects that have been described? I have an Autistic cousin (high functioning) in his 40s so as a condition it has been around since the 70s at least. That doesn’t seem to match the astrology for when these “new” beings are being born on Earth.

  • Leah Whitehorse

    This is a thought provoking article – not least because I seem to have scored a high 32! Gosh, well I never – I think I seem to be functioning reasonably well in the world :-)
    I think it is easy to think of people such as Stephen Wiltshire and assume that autism is some kind of gift. Watching him draw makes me feel like our human minds have so much more potential. It is beautiful and extremely impressive. Certainly there are some people with this condition who are very gifted. But then I also see there are many stories saying this is a very hard condition to cope with – particularly for parents.
    Uranus to me is about higher communication. It seems as though some are communicating in a different way and accessing ‘higher’ information or functioning. It seems with Stephen Wiltshire his mind is working in an incredibly unique way and you can almost feel the difference in his thinking patterns. That said, some people with this condition find communicating in any way extremely difficult.
    I’d agree that the unusual thinkers and inventors are the ones who will push society forward but to do so they must be able to communicate their vision in some way shape or form to another. Uranus can only be detached for so long – too detached and he can no longer make his vision manifest.
    As an aside I have moon in Aquarius opposite ASC so I’m entering an interesting time with all this Aquarian action!

  • Neith

    Fascinating post, Lynn. This is a condition I only know about from listening to others but I did have a client whose child has Aspergers and she has a huge stellium in Aquarius with an overwhelming preponderance in Air and all but one planet (Neptune) in Fire or Air.
    BTW, my score was 12. :-)

  • Lynn Hayes

    JohnR, > this is a really good question but until the pharmaceutical industry stops being the main funding entity for these studies it will be nearly impossible to trust them, making it nearly impossible to find that reasonable agreement. I had no idea vaccinations contained Mercury into 2002.
    Marianne, > Well this gets really interesting and out there, but a lot of people are beginning to think that what we think of as alien abductions are actually experiences that cross dimensional walls rather than the space/time continuum.
    Anyway, there is apparently a broad spectrum of affection and compassion in the autistic spectrum.
    Shane, > I completely agree with you here and this has been particularly true since the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in the early 1990s. Then Uranus entered Aquarius, and now Uranus and Neptune are in mutual reception. Then Uranus will enter Aries and square Pluto as we continue to shift into the Aquarian age.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Rossa, >
    I did not mean to imply that autistic children are what they are calling the Indigo children, simply that the Indigo children appear to have emerged during the Uranus/Neptune conjunction. They are two completely separate phenomena. Also, if you read through the article the syndrome was first described in 1910 so certainly it has been around for a long time!! If you provide your cousin’s birthdate we can take a look at the astrology there.
    In fact – I would really appreciate it if any of you that are on the autistic/Aspergers spectrum would send me your birth data. I would love to begin a series research project on this subject!!
    Thanks to all of you for contributing to this discussion. It’s a really fascinating topic to me and I hope to learn more.

  • Jill

    My son, Spencer, was born 8/20/95 at 12:50 a.m., and has been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.
    Loved to know if something was in his chart for the day of his birth.
    Thank you.

  • Shanti

    I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and I was born 12/27/85.
    I’m very interested to know what’s in my chart, especially because I was born between the years when autism started to rise.
    And on that test I scored 42.

  • Andie

    I just want to tell all the parents of autistic children that I know it’s not easy. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but caring for a special needs child even more so. Not only are they less independent than typical children, but sometimes you don’t even get any immediate or appropriate recipraction from them.
    I know this because my nephew is autistic and I see my older sister show amazing patience and preserverence with him everyday. Please remember to appreciate all the good moments with your children and never give up on trying to help them. There are so many different methods and therapies than there were even five years ago.
    Having said that…I strongly disagree with Lynn that autistic people are a new, advanced breed of humans. Since when does not being able to look people in the eye and not be able to speak, qualify as advanced? I can see that many of them are savants and those talents should be encouraged and utilized but I truly doubt they are the next step of evolution.

  • Diane

    A cursory reading of my charts indicate that there is a good chance of getting diagnosed with autism if mercury crosses uranus.

  • http://MISFIT MELDA

    Thank you for this inf. My score is 27.
    9/10/1931 Capricorn Rising. Unsociable Libra/Determined Capricorn – ( I researched it ! )
    1980 – Astrologers could not explain my misery.
    I never “adapted” until 1970!
    I have a “WHY PHOBIA” and search until I know! Obsessed to know the reason.
    1970 I realised that I was born ‘too soon,’ ‘uneducated’ as befitted my generation of females – no one understood me.
    I told the world to stop, got off, and was unsociable – in my quest for knowledge. (1974)
    I have a grade VII 1943 12yrs old –
    to self-taught fountain of “useless information.” Boring everyone with “why” and how it can be solved. Eyes roll over.
    I am diagnosed as Major Depressive and Bi-Polar with Agoraphobia. (I have researched this and am not atypical other than : very depressed in an alien world.
    Old in body but young in ideas. I am expected to be seen and not heard.
    I am very frustrated being misunderstood in a conservative society.
    I know the “consequences” of a cause and effect long before others, and so labelled:
    “a negative pessimist.”
    I have no patience with ostriches ! How I envy normal people.
    I am on your mailing list.

  • Your Name

    Or maybe it’s that Tub O’ Aluminum.
    The most objective way to learn about vaccines is to independently read the “package insert” that accompany the vaccines.
    Read what the manufacturers themselves reveal about their “safety” and clinical “trials”.
    I kid you not, this is taken verbatim from most recent Hepatits B vaccine, Recombivax:
    “As with other hepatitis B vaccines, the duration of the protective effect of RECOMBIVAX HB in healthy vaccinees is unknown at present, and the need for booster doses is not yet defined.”
    Great! Well then by all means, go ahead and poke my one-week old with a dose of some good old aluminum! What? The need for a booster dose is not yet defined? Oh, what the heck, just go ahead and give him another one at six months! Maybe it’ll be THAT one that’ll put over the edge. Maybe he’ll get autism. Maybe just ADHD! Whatever! You know best Doc! What’s that Doc? You don’t know that aluminum first target is myelin in the brain and has been found in many Alzheimers patients too? That’s funny you’re so ignorant! Go ahead…you’re the doctor! What’s that? The chances of getting Hepatitis B for a not-at-risk person is slightly more than the chances of getting kicked to death by a horse? Well then definitely give my baby the needle Doc, that has GOT to be more prevalent than autism right? Doc? ….. Doc?

  • ike

    November 5th, 1974 – at either 6:05am or 6:05pm … my cousin Regina was also born on Nov 5, 1974 at 6:05am or 6:05pm … one of us was AM, the other was PM. I just don’t remember which was which. I think she was the early bird, just not sure. I’m scorpio-scorpio-cancer — my significant other is libra-libra-scorpio. We joke that we’re waiting to meet the cancer-cancer-libra to complete our triad. 😉 Though we don’t have an active interest in astrology.

  • Your Name

    My daughter was diagnosed as Autistic when she was age 7, then I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 31, my father has not been diagnosed yet but is on the spectrum as is my youngest sister (a special education teacher who works with autistic kids on a daily basis and can interact with them better than their previous teachers could because she understands better where they are coming from.) I will not say that raising my daughter is easy, it isn’t! I made it through undiagnosed, and not diagnosed with something else instead, because I was no problem to my teachers – I rarely spoke in public. My father changed jobs frequently and eventually ended up working for himself, his companies consist of he and my mother and he makes a decent living in his own inventive way, but in my childhood, we moved 31 times and sometimes had money, sometimes did not. Being one of us, we are a good family – when we get together for holidays, we never gripe about one another, we all still write now that we are grown, my sisters and I have all grown up to be educated and have good careers. There are stressors our family has faced that our classmates did not, but mom loved reading, learning and playing along with us – taught us a neat bag of survival skills that have gotten us through. Autism does run in families. It can be difficult to deal with sometimes, with my daughter a portion of every day is devoted to pushing the limits of my patience, endurance, hope and optimism Although not necessarily fun, that part, in the long run those are good ‘muscles’ to stretch. We have adventures other families wouldn’t have and reach insights other families wouldn’t come up with. In the end, we like being us – strengths and challenges both. Though my mom would be the one to be fascinated with the astrology part, the author of the article is right to suggest autistics are a different breed of human. I don’t think there are more of us than there used to be, by ratio (there are more people in the world now altogether) can’t confirm the numbers if it previously went undiagnosed – we have always been here. All autistics (Autistic, Aspies, PDD-NOS, “low functioning,” “high functioning,” etc.) have unique perspectives to offer the world. It is good that we are becoming understood.

  • Andrea

    I took the Wired test a few years back and also scored in the low 20s, well below what it said the “normal” score was, though above autism. However, after interviewing kids who are actually autistic or have Asperger’s, I wouldn’t group myself in the same category. I will say that the traits definitely run in families. One fairly high-functioning little girl has an uncle who has Asperger’s; the seriously autistic teenager has parents whom I doubt have been diagnosed, but the father is seriously geeky and reclusive. One sister has ODD and the whole lot of them has weird allergies. This teenage girl has no speech and requires constant supervision. The teenage boy with Asperger’s I interviewed was able to talk, but it was obvious something was “off” about him within 30 seconds of meeting him. He couldn’t make eye contact and couldn’t really carry on a reciprocal conversation. I saw photos and video of Jett Travolta a year or so ago and he definitely appeared autistic to me, though I’m not qualified to make a diagnosis. He walked on his toes in one photo, which is fairly typical of autistic kids, and his body language reminded me of some of the kids I’ve interviewed. I think Scientology has cult-like tendencies and if it prevented the Travoltas from getting this kid appropriate care, someone should look into it. There are treatments that probably could have made this kid’s life a little happier.
    These are all people with serious handicaps. I’m shy and have more than my share of eccentricities (and I also have uncles who are engineers and have the stereotypical scientist traits on both sides of the family), but nowhere to that extent. At what point is it simply a normal human variation?
    I don’t know why there’s an increase in autism, but I suspect it’s a combination of factors: more geeks reproducing, more grouping of related disorders into the “autism” diagnosis, inflating the numbers, etc. A kid who would have been merely odd a generation ago now has “Asperger’s” and is considered to fall into that 1 in 150 number. I wonder how many classically autistic kids there are and how many more of them there are than there were in 1970. I doubt that “Indigo children” or the “Uranian” influence would be accepted as influences.

  • Lisa

    Lynn, I will be interested to see the ongoing results of your autism study. My son was born on April 29, 1998 at 5:51 am in the Cleveland, Ohio area. He has Down Syndrome, Autism, and severe knee laxity. He also had Infantile Spasms.
    He has a great sense of humor and loves music. You can tell he’s very intelligent when you work with him. Of course, that’s balanced out by the way he insists on sticking his hands in his diaper and getting it on his hands and nose. He does not speak yet. His Taurus Sun and Aries ASC make him very determined, and he is really starting to make his opinions known.
    Marianne – about the aliens – I, too have thought about them being humans of the future. However, after listening to Paul Eno, I think it’s like everything else – there is no one answer for this situation. People like to generalize, which helps in understanding concepts, but does not explain what is actually going on in every instance.

  • Lisa

    I scored 23, so I’m slightly less autistic than Lynn!

  • Rossa

    My apologies Lynn, but your paragraph read…
    The astonishing rise of the prevalence of autism since the early 1990s suggests a link to the Uranus-Neptune conjunction that began in 1991 and continued through 1994. The combination of Uranus to Neptune opened all kinds of doorways and dissolved the boundaries of reason and old paradigms of thinking. The children that were born during this period carry this archetype within them, and they are a new breed entirely. It is during this time that the concept of the “Indigo Children” began, as it was apparent that these new children were very different than the generations that preceded them, and it is in these children that we see the dramatic increase in autism rates.
    It was the last sentence that I picked up on in my commnet. I’m not able to give you my cousin’s DOB as we rarely meet these days and it seems a number of others have posted their details in response to your request.
    On a tangent, my mother’s family are renowned for their lack of emotional intelligence. By which I mean little or no empathy and total failure to “see” what impact their words have on the people they are talking to. What they say and what they think they said and meant are often different. Also they are unable to understand that tone of voice has a big impact on the person on the receiving end. Very aggressive, defensive and give orders rather than ask.
    We now have 3 generations with similar characteristics. The girlfriend of one of my cousins describes it as emotional autism. I going to see if my mother will do the Wired test and see what the score is. Mine was 11.

  • Melody

    Wow – my score was 16 – I hate being normal but I think a lot of this has been cultivated (at 53!) I was interested in Lisa’s response because my son Damian also has Down Syndrome and Autism. His dob is October 13, 1999 at 7:41 in Boulder Colorado. He has a Uranus/South Node/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius in the 10th on the MC and sure enough his Uranus is square Saturn in Taurus in the 12th, which is also opposite Mercury in Scorpio in the 6th.
    He doesn’t talk and also has many typical autistic behaviors (including the hands in the diapers thing!) and always waving some piece of cloth, which must be exactly the right size and weight to act gracefully as a cloth baton.
    I am deeply moved by what the Travolta’s must be going through. I resisted the autism “diagnosis” until recently, although I intuited the danger from birth and made every decision I knew too support lower chances, such as no vaccines, not over stimulating etc. His development was typical for DS until between 2 – 3 yrs old when he began regressing and it was fairly obvious to his speech therapist within a year that he had developed autism. He has other challenges, and I am grateful for the richness and love each day we have with him brings, not knowing how long it may be.

  • Beth Owl’s Daughter

    What is sub-normal, then? I seem to have scored a 7. Yikes!

  • Andrea

    After taking it again, I scored a 25, which seems about right for someone as shy and introverted as I am. “Normal” on this test apparently means extroverted. It’d also be kind of interesting to see what the average score is in cultures that don’t value extroversion as highly as Americans do. How would the Japanese do?

  • Terry

    Dear Lynn and all,
    Very thought provoking article and comment stream. I am especially grateful to all the caregivers who day after day are on the leading edge of humanities’ changes however they are labeled from the autism of the young to the Alzheimer’s of the elders. My prayers are with you as you continue to find your strength and grace to stay grounded in your Love, seeing the miracles contained in each moment of now, even in the midst of great challenges.
    Lynn, wish you were a bit closer in geographical space. Would be fun to have this conversation looking out over the ocean over tea about the shifts in our species. I think the Uranus-Saturn dance could be a wonderful tool astrologers could use to help new parents~ medical community identify sensitive souls who need more of their physical-neural foundation in place (Saturn grounding for Uranus) before facing the “onslaught” of Uranian technology (ie malls, tv, radio, much less the vaccines etc). Western Medicine tends to err on the one-size fits all mentality and perhaps by working with parents and Astrologers, one could pace the very necessary vaccines in timing and amounts in a way that would make sense to that particular young one’s constitution.
    It would be interesting to know how the increased rate of autism in our country compares to those of other cultures. Many cultures, countries have the belief that newborns are not developed enough to handle being outside the home environment and immediate family for at least a month. Somewhere along the line our country’s belief in this has changed to where now it is not uncommon to see a day old baby in a mall. A better understanding of one’s Saturn-Uranus dance could help mitigate and/or identify the needs or potential harm of various choices facing so many new parents. And perhaps more understanding in the early years of the Saturn-Uranus dance could mitigate all the various diseases that are now being linked to a chronic inflammation of the physical system such as obesity Alzheimer’s, heart disease etc.
    Hope you get the time to pursue.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Thanks so much for the birth information – I’m going to start collecting it and will report back. Please be sure to provide the place of birth and the time if possible.
    Also – great comments, all. I’m especially interested in seeing everyone’s results of the Autism Quotient test and comments about that.
    I feel it’s really a brave new world and we’re only now just discovering it!

  • Beth Owl’s Daughter

    By the way, the guy who wrote that article for Wired is a friend of mine. Steve worked for many months on it, accumulating vast amounts of data. And, as we can see from this discussion, his article has been a powerful force for raising the public’s awareness.
    I have invited him to stop by here and comment if he has a chance (he is a very busy guy, as you might imagine).
    — Beth

  • Laura

    My score was 26. It made me wonder about those personality tests that one takes. I read the book “Please Understand Me, Character and Temperament Types” by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates. (It was recommended to me.) Anyways, according to this book I fell into a 1% category for personality types. That was my “Ah-ha!” moment. (Having my natal chart done was another Ah-ha! moment for me too but I digress.) Though I don’t follow with the numbers aspect of autism (I did well in school but it’s like a foreign language for me, you don’t use it, you lose it), I do see comparisons to ways in which I think. Seeing patterns and such would be an example. But then I see a difference in the way I process things. I tend to process things more emotionally than logically. I can do the rational, logical way of thinking due to conditioning but my natural state is quite emotional. And this would be why I prefer to spend a long period of time alone between social interactions. They are just draining for me. I found the question about being able to see characters in a book and making up stories interesting as well. In one theory class I took the teacher asked everyone who enjoyed science fiction and fantasy as an adolescent to raise their hand, I was the only one in class who did. I find the differences in the way people think and relate and process very interesting. This has also lead me to learning about Multiple Intelligences. Basically, we learn best by the way we process things best. So someone who is good at writing would learn things easier and retain the knowledge longer if they wrote the information down that they needed to learn. I had a professor who was given a child who was flunking spelling and was told to work with him. She found out he was gifted in music, she gave the child a ball and he began to bounce the rhythm to the words to figure out how to spell them. After this, he started getting A’s. When I studied this there were only 9 categories of Multiple Intelligences, last I heard they’ve found, I think, 17 or 19. (Can’t remember how many right now.) Whose to say that autism isn’t just a different way of processing and therefore a different category of intelligence? I think many of us are conditioned to think in the box, those who think out of the box aren’t thought normal but that’s where advances are made. I’ve always liked Einstein’s quote (and I may not be remembering it verbatim, so sorry about that) “Knowledge is nothing, imagination is everything.” I guess I’ve rambled on long enough, sorry if this is too long! BTW, if interested, my DOB is 3-28-67 in Harvey, IL. Very interesting discussion!

  • Andrea

    I’m not sure if you just want birth data for autistic people or not. If not, I was born at 1:22 p.m. on August 5, 1971 in Portland, Oregon and my latest score on the autism quotient was 25. When I took it a few years ago, it was somewhere in the low to mid twenties too. Like Laura, I’m also familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality type test. I test as an INTP (preference for introversion, intuition, thinking, perception as opposed to extraversion, sensing, feeling or judging.)
    I cover education for a daily newspaper. One thing I found interesting when I did a story on an autistic child last year is that her paternal uncle, a man her parents say is also on the autistic spectrum (high-functioning autism or Asperger’s, probably) is also a newspaper reporter. I was a bit skeptical about that at the time, but I suppose it could be possible. I went into journalism mainly as a way to force myself to get out and interact with people and attend events instead of burying myself in the library and also because I couldn’t imagine myself being capable of facing a high school class and teaching English like both my parents. I used to get butterflies before every interview. I’ve been doing this for half my life now, but I still do better with sitting at the back of a meeting room quietly and observing the meeting or performance or political convention and then grabbing someone for a one on one interview afterwards than I do shouting out questions at a press conference or diving into the fray like some of the more gregarious reporters I’ve seen. It could be that this reporter with Asperger’s has also come up with a method that works for him. Somehow I doubt that either he or I would do well at a big city, high pressure newspaper, though.

  • Susan B.

    In the midst of trying to figure out my 11-year-old son, and how best to parent and educate him, I remembered I had a cassette tape of a very detailed and precise astrology reading done soon after he was born, as a gift from my aunt. My son asked to listen to it. I was pretty surprised that a lot of his autism-spectrum traits were predicted on the tape.
    I think someone in the comments touched on there being a difference between genetics and injury: a healthy child is born with a certain set of genetic traits (connecting to heredity, blood type, astrology, higher selves/past lives, aliens, and who knows what else), but exposure to toxins, stress, etc., can cause other traits to appear. So there’s a lot to untangle, and a lot of hidden potential in everyone.
    To the person who didn’t understand how autism could be ‘advanced’, I’ve gathered that ‘healthy’ autism, as opposed to ‘injured’ autism, is a condition of being so sensitive it’s deafening in a harsh world. But in an environment that is healing and harmonious rather than harmful, their sensitivity is akin to telepathy (also a reported quality of aliens, due to a crystal-based rather than carbon-based system, to add to the out-there theories!). So it might be a bit like walking around with a stethoscope in your ears, if you’ve ever made the mistake of trying that. Great for hearing the really quiet stuff, but painfully loud if anything so much as touches it.

  • AmyJ

    I scored a 42 on the test. I’m perfectly normal though.

  • Your Name

    I found this article thru darmiruci. I’m an astrologer that works with children that have severe autism. The natal chart is our blue print. These wonderful souls give us such great insights as to what is truly important. Love, acceptance and compassion. Each chart is different yet shows a theme. I look at the voice within (chiron)as well as many aspects that relate to communication. They have great psychic abilities, and hear and see beyond the normal spectrum.

  • Lisa

    My meditation teacher, Rev. Donna Voll, has her own radio show on Achieve Radio. She mentioned to me that my son works on a quantum level, echoing what the above poster stated.
    I feel honored that he chose me to be his mother. Reincarnating all makes us so vulnerable to begin with – but with added “handicaps,” it’s all the more intense. I am very humbled to think that, of all the people he could have chosen to be his mom, he trusted me with that difficult but rewarding task!
    Hi, Beth Owl! Thanks again for the reading!

  • Lisa

    Sorry about the double post – it told me it didn’t post the first time!

  • Your Name

    Have you looked at the possibility that the dangerous chemicals they now tell us are leaching from plastics could be the cause of the increase in autism? If so, perhaps Neptune is involved also. Have you seen any correlation there?

  • Jill

    I also scored a 24. What does THAT say? 😉
    And my word verification is j3czb4.

  • Pete

    Myth – Mercury was removed from childhood vaccines. It doesn’t shed light on a controversial subject by repeating misinformation.
    Besides, many vaccination skeptics claim that it is not mercury alone that may cause the problem, rather it is the vaccinations themselves.
    It seems clear that autism spectrum disorders are multi-factorial and may be several different disorders lumped together.
    One common characteristic however is the tendency to mechanistic behavior in ASD people. I grieves me to say that this represents a trend away from true Human potential toward a more insect-like mind. Involution rather than conscious evolution.

  • Andrea

    Honestly, it’s far MORE dangerous not to vaccinate kids than it is to vaccinate. The number of children who died of now preventable childhood illnesses before vaccinations were available is something people forget too easily. Look back at your own family trees and you’ll see how common it once was to lose at least one or two children in every family. My maternal grandfather’s baby sister died of diphtheria at 10 months; my paternal grandfather’s baby sister died at 19 months of a sudden illness they never named but is probably something we vaccinate against today. People who don’t vaccinate children are putting their own children at risk as well as everyone else’s and adults who are chronically ill because those kids can spread disease to others in the population too.
    They’ve done multiple studies that failed to turn up a relationship between mercury — which is present in vaccines in minuscule levels, if at all now — and the onset of autism. The onset of autistic behavior happens at about the same age as they receive the vaccines, which is why people try to relate the two incidences. It doesn’t necessarily follow that vaccines are the cause.

  • Your Name

    This si such an amazing post, and it really hits close to ome. My 11 year old son[Gemini sun-Moon in Aries, Uranus/Neptune in aqaurius in the 4th] was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old. I always knew my son was different from the moment he was born, Therfore I was not suprised when The doctors told me his diagnoses. He has a tremendous amount of planets in hi 9th house too. My daughter who is 15 months old, has pallas/Uranus/Moon/N.node in Pisces in her 9th house. She doesn’t seem to be displaying any autistic behavoir yet.

  • Shayla

    As a teen with aspergers syndrome i think that i would try almost anything as many what you may call “harsh Chemicals” i call medicine and the meds i take do help me alot. with out the medicines i dont think i could survive. and remeber einstein and bill gates have/had aspergers or display many traits

  • StellarWellness

    I feel so fortunate to have come across this thread… Lynn your article was most provocative and assistive, and everyones’ comments have been so rich!
    I scored 26 on the AQ test- though I wasn’t surprised.
    I’ve recently relocated to North Carolina (under the Venus retrograde) and am in the process of being hired by the Autism Society of North Carolina to work with a family in Asheville in a support capacity.
    As some one who is throughly fascinated by neurodivergence, astrology, outliers, and humanity I am enthusiastic to deepen my understanding of how these topics overlap and inform one another.
    I agree about the plausibility of a Uranus connection, and suspect Saturn and Pluto may be players too; but I’ve found precious little documented on the subject. A few articles on some obscure harmonic chart beyond my comprehension and a brief outline of TNOs and their correlations to natal charts of those diagnosed within the spectrum. I’m interested in this topic on myriad levels:
    how is the Autism Spectrum represented in the natal chart?
    and how do transits and secondary progressions (since these are the only progressions I am currently educated to employ) affect the Indicator Planets/Aspects and manifest in behavior?
    any thoughts?

  • Kelly

    My middle son, Alex has Asperger’s Syndrome. I wrote a report on it for my Sociology Class. Although it is written in a Sociological View, I am hoping it can help answer at least some questions you may have about Aspergers. Please pass this link on to anyone who may benefit.
    If you want to use any of the information in my report on a website or blog, a link back to my website is required
    My report on Asperger’s Syndrome.

  • Liza

    Hi! I knw it’s been awhile since this thread was started, but I wanted to comment :) My son Logan was diagnosed with auism at age 2 1/2. His birth date is 5/9/03 Homestead, FL US @ 11:11 am. I am very interested if anyone who looks up his chart has any insight! I had gone to see a psychic (not one of those flashy sign ones, a true seer who you found out about word of mouth) years ago, and had brought Logan with me. At the time he was only three months old. As soon as she greeted me she smiled and layed a hand on Logan and said “This is a very scientific child (she spoke very broken english, so I’m repeating what she said kinda word for word) he has a diffrent mind. He is going to do something important in the science world and he will be well known but maybe not till he is dead.” I was shocked for a sec, I mean I had just walked in the door! Well needless to say, what she told me about myself was pretty significant, down to my now ex-husband leaving us. (It happened 2 years later, right after Logans diagnosis wouldn’t ya know?)
    Anyway, Logan is starting to verbalize more, it is difficult to understand him. He does seem to have a gusto for sci fi, lol, and he is loves anything that has to do with animals. He is amazing with puzzles as well as taking things apart and putting them back together. I have read that is typical with most children with autism. It’s funny, I always thought that my daughter Sydney (13 with ADHD, honor student, started talking at 9 mo’s and walking at 8 mo’s!) is an Indigo Child and Logan as a Crystal Child. Indigo’s are the ones who pave the way for the Crystal’s right? They are the ones who are supposed to start change in our world to make it an easier transition for the Crystal’s? I heard Crystal children described as “pure love” and that they don’t need to communicate verbaly. This is how I would describe Logan. He is the most affection, loving, unassuming human being at only six years old.
    Lol, sorry, I didn’t mean to go on and on, I just find what everyone has to say facinating and would love to hear their experiences and thoughts as well.
    By the way, mercury is STILL present in some vaccines (especially the flu and chicken pox shots). They are STOCKPILED in doctors offices, clinics, and health departments. They have an ENORMOUS SHELF LIFE DUE TO THAT LOVELY PRESERVATIVE THAT IS CHOCK FULL OF MERCURY. You have to tell the nurse/Dr. that you want a MERCURY-FREE shot in order to avoid getting one with htat bastarding toxin. Which I’m not totaly convinced that is the only thing to worry about. My kids are now religiously exempted and the one I have in the oven (she is due March) will have NONE until she is older and they will be very well spaced apart and thirmosol free. There is no such thing as a “lower dosage” of mercury. IT IS POISONOUS AT MINISCULAR AMOUNTS!!! Logan went from saying three word sentences at 18 months to ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING, and NO EYE CONTACT in just 48 hours after six vaccinations in one dr visit. Two of them were the flu and chicken pox. He had terrible fever the night of and was listless and had no appatite, before he “went away” It was the scariest and most heart breaking thing to witness. So for those of you who havent had the pleasure of experiencing your baby slip away from life, don’t preach to those of us who know damn well what the cause was. I love my son, and therapies, patients, and lots of love are helping him grow and function in this world, but because of the governments absurd immunization schedual, my boy may never have a typical grown up life of his own. I have hope and I have the drive to do what I can to help him along to reach for his dreams that I am starting to pick up on by listening to all of him, not just his words.
    Ok, I went off again. That’s all for now folks.
    Thank you for “listening”!

  • Alex Blaken

    To the best of my knowledge i know that Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior.
    Can it be caused by agents that cause birth defects.

  • Pingback: Autism: The astrological connection

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cassie

    There is no doubt in my mind about the link with vaccinations.(technology).The enormous rise in autism rates has coincided with the huge increase in childhood vaccinations that a child now must have.I’ve been doing a lot of investigation and it’s very clear to me that vaccination toxins/effect on neuro system/brain has been inadequately tested. Vaccinations is a giant profit industry. I am very worried about my new grandchild.Was just examining her even more concerned..some “dubious aspects”..(How to talk my daughter out of getting her baby shots?! I have only a few weeks to prepare my case)

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Missy

    I scored a 32 on the autism test. Always felt like an alien in this world and that this world is very cruel/or that I am just too sensitive for it (especially how humans are treating animals!!!!!!!), as I got older I learned how to socially adapt very well that no one would ever suspect I have autism traits. I have very high level of empathy and went veg/vegan because of it at age 11, I have profound love for animals and nature. I have an IQ 153, artist, astrologer. My dad and sister also display some autism traits.

    Anyway my son is now 3.5 and has delayed language and displays some autism traits, BUT is very healthy and physically coordinated, strong and loving. The part I think is fascinating is his CONCEPTION! Before he was conceived there were 6 aliens with me for an entire week before I got pregnant. They were in the astral real time zone (I think) and I could see them, sense them, feel them. One of them was making sure I got pregnant. They left after I conceived. How could I see them? Well I have had quite a few astral travel experiences (able to remember them) and on some rare occasions I can see and experience the astral realm when I am awake just briefly. So did they do something to his DNA? I can only wait and see…any way I asked one of the worlds best astral projectors if this is common for all conceptions and he said it is not and has never heard of it.

    My son is very healthy and loving (as I am), so I do agree that there is possibly a healthy autism and an injured autism. He has never been given vaccines, is vegan, and breastfed. Maybe the healthy autism IS the type of autism Lynn is suggesting may be an evolutionary shift for human species. I do not think that humans would advance without GAINING in empathy (healthy autism?) versus losing empathy (injured autism?). Either way, even healthy autism is difficult for those who have it until they are older and can learn to socially adapt.

    My heart goes out to all those children and parents suffering from autism caused by injuries. I DO think it is being caused by a combination of things (vaccines, diet, drugs, chemicals) in this toxic world human greed/cruelty has created. I think these things weaken the sperm DNA causing genetic problems and also some of it may be the mothers immune system not recognizing a blastocyst with fragile X or other issues? which may be simply random, however the mothers immune response is not and may be a direct result of immune systems damaged by vaccines (vaccines given to the mother earlier in life).

  • http://Uranusandautism Pam Crane

    I was born with the Uranus/Saturn conjunction exceptionally strong in my chart. My first son was born with his double ruler Mercury inside the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto. In the Dwad of his tropical chart he has a precise Sun-Uranus opposition. He was identified as autistic when a toddler, brought up to cope with the ‘real world’, got through school but hated it, and had himself officially diagnosed with Aspergers in adulthood. He struggles with his differentness, but lives his own life … and never forgets my Birthday, unlike his ?normal younger brother. Both were Caesarians. I believe I am borderline on the spectrum – I also took the test! Always the odd one out when growing up, and only ‘came home’ when astrology and I got together. Thank you for your very interesting insights.

  • barbarabrussels

    This is very interesting. I was wondering if there was a Uranus connection to autism too! I have my sun hard aspecting Uranus, and I believe it is connected to why I score very high on the AQ test.

  • theinitiate

    I am rather skeptical in accepting the idea of the trans human
    as a positive happening…In the past, I have
    thought that we would evolve in to some
    type of human tht is more mentally oriented toward technological living. I used to think this would be a good thing….But I do t see it that way any more. This
    would mean, humans that were actually not in touch with the earth…We have been becoming more and more like this…. This was
    before I learned a lot more about just how industrial civilization has actually
    come to destroy our planet… so, one thought is that our orientation toward LEFT
    BRAIN THINKING, has brought a change in our species which cannot express the
    right brain as well and that is a symptom of too much specialization… , industrial/technothinking… WE are now so over specialized
    in the way we think, using our left brains too much.. over scheduled over
    stressed and over academic …. So, over all, the transformation of humans to
    this state that we call autism, is … in some ways is a positive, but in others, is only a result of our thinking that the earth, our emotions and biology is bad…. I have to
    bring up the fact that our current situation in regards to our HUMAN HABITAT,
    EARTH, is deteriorating by the day, week , month, year, decade…. The climate is
    changing on the scale of a humans life time…when in the past, those kinds of
    changes have been on a geologic times span…..

    I have been studying Astrology a lot longer than climate
    change… What I am trying to come to grips with is how our species is going to
    cope…. From what I have been studying, WE CANNOT… it’s beyond our capabilities…
    even technologically…

    You see, I have also worked with people with Autism… for 23
    years… children and adults… I can see how it is important to value the
    different way they think and orient to the world… but, we have a way to go to
    figure out just how that fits into the actual happenings out here…

    Thinking that technology is going to SAVE US FROM OURSELVES

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