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Astrological Musings

Venus, Jupiter and the Birth of Jesus

by Lynn Hayes

I thought this comment from Beth might be interesting to everyone:Venus-Jupiter2.jpg

A visitor to my blog today had a question about this configuration that I hope you can respond to, Lynn. He lives in Israel and was commenting on the fact that my Tarot Card of the Week is The Fool. He posted: “I watched the sky today in the evening and saw Venus, Jupiter and the horned moon. Venus was on top of the moon’s left horn. On the radio someone told that this star configuration is unique and happened only at the birth of Jesus. So what birth are we witnessing this week? The stars and the Fool seem to give the same message. “Venus for passion and Jupiter for healing? And the waxing of the moon.” Is this possibly true? 


It’s interesting that in Israel Venus was on top of the Moon, and here Venus is below the Moon. In any event, Venus/Jupiter conjunctions are not at all rare, they occur in pairs every 2-1/2 years. The lineup with the crescent Moon is likely more rare, I don’t have any specifics on that though. It’s true that astronomers have tied the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in 2 BC to the Star of Bethlehem, but it has happened many times since then.  

The Venus/Jupiter conjunction in June in the year of 2 b.c.e. was actually in the sign of Leo, the sign of Kings, and the conjunction occurred very near to the fixed star Regulus which is the star of royalty. Jupiter as King of the Gods also denotes royalty (I like to say that one function of Jupiter in the chart is to denote where we want to be god), so this was a spectacular indication astrologically of an imminent King of Kings.
I would argue with associating Venus with passion and Jupiter with healing. Venus isn’t particularly passionate – passion is the domain of Mars. Venus is more ethereal – it’s about relating and connections and aesthetics. Jupiter CAN be healing, but it has more to do with finding meaning in life and 


expanding our horizons.
Venus and Jupiter are of course the Great Benefics, and their conjunction is very positive, especially in conjunction with the New Moon of new beginnings. 
The connection to the Fool card is interesting, because when the Fool comes up in a reading the querent must abandon all expectations and preconceived assumptions and begin anew. I was listening to NPR yesterday and someone said that it’s clear that no one really understands economics, it’s not a solid science where if you do A, B and C you end up with Z. In nearly every area of our life right now, but particularly in the Capricornian areas of business and government, it’s clear that not one of the experts really knows how to solve the problems we are facing. We are all the Fool – standing at the precipice of the cliff and depending on faith and the sheer power of optimism (both Jupiterian qualities) to carry us to safety.
  • Beth Owl’s Daughter

    Thanks so much for this in-depth response, Lynn.. Very, very interesting!
    It sure was beautiful last night as the clouds parted to reveal this lovely arrangement..
    Best wishes and blessings,
    – Beth

  • Rossa

    If you want to see some really amazing photos of the conjuction try these on the Skywalk blog taken by Martin an astronomer from Adelaide in Australia….Awesome!!

  • Joseph

    Visually, this is a rather rare event. While Venus/Jupiter creates a conjunction every 11 to 15 months or so, positioning a crescent moon near them is another matter.
    A very young crescent catches up with this pairing in Feb 2021, however, the grouping is positioned too close to the Sun to be observable. It’s not until 2052 that an early morning crescent catches up to this pairing in Libra, with the Moon positioning itself between Venus and Jupiter (their exact conjunction occurs a day 1/2 earlier while the Moon is still in Virgo). A closer conjunction of this trio occurs just 4 years later on Feb 12, 2056 where once again they meet up in Capricorn in the rapidly glowing dawn sky. This time, a Mercury/Mars conjunction is just 6 degrees away in the sign of Aquarius making this grouping a 5-some. Mark your calendars and set your alarm! 😉
    The trio meets up again in April 2060, this time in the sign of Taurus in the evening sky.
    So last nights event is something very special – eye candy for the stargazers of the world.

  • Kit Taylor

    If you visit you can order their film which is all about exactly what the sky was doing when Jesus was born. What exactly happened then has actually NEVER occurred at any other time. It’s absolutely fascinating and I highly recommend their film. They give their presentation all over the country and the world, so you might be able to hear it all in person. It’s gaining more and more attention these days…
    I hope you check it out~

  • Your Name

    Hi Lynn,
    Thank You for your detailed and wonderful explanation.
    Yesterday, Monday, Venus and Jupiter where on top of the moon at the time I watched. Today, Tuesday when I watched, both planets where below the Moon. Maybe at the beginning of the evening they where on top. As it gets darker the Moon moves up on the sky and Venus and Jupiter move down untill they set in the West.
    My observation was more intuitive and I had a very positive feeling when looking at this configuration.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Rossa, thanks for the link!
    Joseph, thanks so much for the astronomical details. I had read that there would be a similar event in 2012 but I didn’t take the time to do the calculations. I can’t wait for the 2056 event. Let’s see, I’ll only be 104 then!!

  • Summer

    Wow! I will be in my 70’s in 2056. That means I stand a good chance of seeing this. I am so happy…this is one thing I get to spend my life waiting for. I refuse to die before seeing that amazing event!

  • Beth Owl’s Daughter

    One last note about this alignment.. on today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day site (one of my very favorite daily updates!), they discuss how it appeared differently in different parts of the world.
    – Beth

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Beth Flaherty

    I was born with a scar between my shoulder blades, 8 dots making up a crescent moon, horns pointing upper right, and two dots behind it. Does this have any meaning?

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