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by Lynn Hayes It appears that Obama, who announced his candidacy when the Moon was void of course (which has been a topic of much discussion in the comments here at this site and elsewhere) is poised to take the […]

by Lynn Hayes I guess Wall Street is realizing their so-called financial experts know very little about the ups and downs of our financial system, and astrology is actually gaining more respect in the business world.  It’s about time! According […]

Robert P. Blaschke has written an elegant piece for The Mountain Astrologer website on the chart for the Capricorn Ingress.  The Capricorn Ingress is the Wnter Solstice in the tropical zodiac that occurs when the Sun enters Capricorn and begins […]

Israel is continuing its attacks in the Gaza strip for the third day today, striking at a security  compound, a mosque, a university, and a network of smugglers’ tunnels, Israel was apparently reacting to rocket strikes by Hamas forces, but […]

by Lynn Hayes The New Moon today (December 27)  is part of a powerful line up of six planets in the sign of Capricorn, focusing on work and responsibility.  This includes the approaching conjunction of Mars to Pluto, the Sun/Moon conjunction […]

I’ve been reprinting this every year because it’s so fabulous.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa and have a Cool Yule. John Charles Webb Jr. left a comment with a link to his site which postulates that the “star” of Bethlehem was […]

Rob Tillett at has a wonderful article about the origins of the Christmas holiday.  Here is a portion of the article: In the New Testament, the holy book of the Christians, there is no actual mention of the date […]

This is not an evaluation of Ms. Kennedy’s qualifications for the New York senator seat, but a look at what motivates a private person to seek a very public office.  by Lynn Hayes Caroline Bouvier Kennedy has led a life […]

by Lynn Hayes photo taken by Eric Nguyen. Back in early 2007 I did a reading for a woman whose husband of many years had just left her.  She called me because she wanted some help in figuring out a […]

by Lynn Hayes Jeremy Piven has left the Broadway production of Speed the Plow after being diagnosed with mercury poisoning.  Piven, who apparently eats lots of sushi and eats some kind of fish twice a day, sought medical treatment for exhaustion […]