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There’s lots of astrology going on in November.  Here’s the report for the first week of the month:

The big news as we
enter the first of November is of course the election in the United States. This
election has great importance not only for Americans but for the global
community as well. The astrology for the election is very complicated and
includes the first exact hit of an opposition between Saturn (the old way) and
Uranus (the new way). You’ll find more information about the astrology of
election day here, and more about the opposition between Saturn and Uranus here.

November begins
with a change of direction for Neptune which has been retrograde since May. The
outer planets all retrograde for a good part of every year which gives us an
opportunity to look back and go over areas of our life where change and
improvement are needed. Because Neptune rules our connection to Spirit as well
as our imagination and creativity, when retrograde we tend to let go of logic
and operate from a more purely instinctive stance. Neptune in direct motion
releases us to begin to express our creativity in a more external way.

Once Neptune turns
direct the only planet in retrograde motion will be Uranus. It’s rare for only
one planet to be retrograde and signifies that progress and change will come
much more quickly and easily now.

On November 3
Venus, planet of relating and beauty, will face off in a square to both Saturn
and Uranus. Venus transits only last a day or two, but because this is a time of
major planetary shifts the Venus event will take on a bit more significance than
it would normally have. Venus is in Sagittarius now where it seeks freedom and
increased personal satisfaction, and the squares to Saturn (restriction) and
Uranus (liberty and autonomy) create tension and an urge to break away from any
connections to others that feel confining. Relationships will have to realign at
this time in order to adapt to the changes that are occurring on every level of
consciousness now.

The day after the
Venus squares (November 4) we also see a square of Mars to Neptune which can
bring an eruption of unconscious (Neptune) anger (Mars) that is inhibited from
direct expression because of the Neptune qualities of confusion and subterfuge.
Fortunately we are assisted by a sextile (harmonious aspect) from Mercury to
Pluto which will focus (Pluto) our mind (Mercury) and zoom in on what is really
important. Mercury also enters Scorpio the same day, and since Scorpio is ruled
by Pluto, this is a “double whammy” of intense mental acuity and deepening of
our understanding.

On the 5th Venus
will form a sextile (harmonious aspect) to Neptune which will soften some of the
damage caused by the challenges of the previous day. However, the fallout from
the Mars/Neptune dynamic will take a few days to unwind but then there will be a
few quiet days with little planetary activity. A sextile from Jupiter (abundance
and optimism) to Uranus (innovation and insight) is beginning to form at this
time which will start to excite us with new ideas and thoughts for the

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