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The scientific world as we know it continues to be turned on its ear with new (Uranian) Fractal-Universe.jpgdiscoveries, fulfilling my prophecy in the November Skywatch article where I wrote “A sextile from Jupiter (abundance and optimism) to Uranus (innovation and insight) is beginning to form at this time which will start to excite us with new ideas and thoughts for the future.”

Like this one:

Something may be out there. Way out there. 

On the outskirts of creation, unknown, unseen “structures” are tugging on our universe like cosmic magnets, a controversial new study says. 

Everything in the known universe is said to be racing toward the massive clumps of matter at more than 2 million miles (3.2 million kilometers) an hour–a movement the researchers have dubbed dark flow. 

The presence of the extra-universal matter suggests that our universe is part of something bigger–a multiverse–and that whatever is out there is very different from the universe we know, according to study leader Alexander Kashlinsky, an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. …

Study leader Kashlinsky agrees many questions remain unanswered. For
starters: What exactly are these things that are apparently tugging our

“They could be anything. As bizarre as you could imagine–some warped
space-time,” Kashlinsky said.

Science is a marvelous thing, but when we limit our view of the Universe to that which is already known we miss out on the magic that flows throughout the thread of life. Every new discovery reminds us of the wonder that is all around us.  

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