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(You can read my review of the original Zeitgeist movie here.)  The Addendum to the incredible Zeitgeist film was released on the internet a few days ago and is another incredibly powerful and eye-opening alert to the change in our society and monetary policy (both ruled by Capricorn) that we are experiencing at the moment.

Most of us, particularly Americans, shy away from thinking very deeply about the way our world is governed.  We feel a certain amount of helplessness and inability to make significant changes, and we don’t want to rock the boats of our comfortable lives.  But knowledge is power, and the more we know about what lies behind the social structures (Capricorn) of the world we live in, the more effective we can be in shaping not only our destiny, but the destiny of the humans with which we share the planet.  
Knowledge is power, and the Internet is a valuable tool for understanding.  This is a 2-hour film and will take some time to watch, but in my view it is well worth it.  You can also order the DVD for $5 here. 

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