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Henry Weingarten and Ray Merriman get a good writeup here.  money-compass.jpg

Henry says, “he’s been telling clients to keep lots of cash handy and advised them to buy Friday and sell Monday. Weingarten said he’s not right all the time, but using astrology along with looking at fundamentals and technical analysis allows him to be right more often.”
Ray says, 

“Saturn and Uranus are in opposition — which happens every 45 years and is correlated to extreme highs and lows in the markets. He expects continued volatility and a multiyear bear market (with perhaps a several-month rally mixed in).

“You’ll see these 500 to 1,000 point moves a week through the election,” he said. “I don’t think we’re going to have the stability and security where the consumer feels confident to come back in the market.”

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I think there’s a possibility of some good bottom-fishing once the Saturn/Uranus influence subsides, but that won’t be until next Spring.  After the election Saturn and Uranus separate only about two degrees, and Pluto re-enters Capricorn in December.  It’s possible that late November will bring some desperate optimism working to buoy stocks higher with the second phase of the trine from Jupiter to Saturn in mid to late November.  But when Uranus turns direct during the last week of November we’ll see the markets reverse again and I suspect it will not be a happy Christmas on Wall Street. 
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