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(I bumped this back to the top for a bit of Sunday inspiration.) Whether we are experiencing a difficult time in our own lives or watching the world change before our very eyes, it is easy to slip into a fear of the unknown – a fear of having little control over our future.  It’s often said that the opposite of fear is love; I also believe that the opposite of fear is faith.  
One of my favorite blogs for inspiration is called simply “Consciousness.”  A recent post inspires us to remember:
We must make the choice to remember to ground ourselves in the energy of Love in
all instances. To be able to see clearly what is going on around us, through the
veil of illusions is a blessing, but don’t allow yourself to be sucked into the
fear energy of the situation. To prepare and to know is of course something we
should all do, but to be centered in fear is an illusion. There is nothing to
fear. We are spiritual beings co-creating this reality, those who seek power
over other souls use fear in an attempt to paralyze any change we may bring
about. Light will always prevail over the Dark energy when allowed to flow
unrestricted. Remember we are divine beings, we control our reality, break free
from the illusion and stand up and reclaim the power we have given away
One of the powerful lessons of astrology is that when we see the patterns of planetary movements and witness the powerful influence these planets exhibit on the unfolding of our life and our destiny, we begin to understand that our world and our lives have a natural rhythm and flow.  When Mercury is retrograde, we expect systems to malfunction and plans to go awry, and we are able to just laugh when these things occur.  In the dark night of a Pluto transit e do not fear the blackness, because we understand that Pluto is calling for surrender of anything that no longer serves our higher purpose, and we know that the cycle will be at an end and when that will occur.
Astrologers have known that when Pluto entered Capricorn there would be a dramatic shift in the expression of our world, and that there would be global challenges and darkness.  These challenges are more particularly difficult for some than others as the power dynamics (Pluto) shift and the intensity builds.  
It’s tempting to watch world events unfold with a helpless sense of despair, but within us there is a microcosm of transformation that can magnetize everything around us.  If we turn our attention within and allow this kernel of light to blossom and bloom within our own lives, and in our families, and in our communities, it will eventually spread throughout the world.  The alternative is to allow the darkness to cause us to forget who we really are, and be swept away by the current of fear.
Hold the faith of the power of the light deeply within your heart and keep it burning bright.  Darkness will come, but when a light is turned on in the darkness, the light always prevails. 
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