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Most people know by now that the holiday we now celebrate as Hallowe’en comes from the old Celtic holiday called Samhain (pronounced Sow’-en).  There are many “Days of the Dead” celebrated around the world at this time, when the veils […]

Thanks to Shane for this cool article and to the Daily Galaxy for the cool image: Recently identified electrical activity on Saturn’s largest moon bolsters arguments that Titan is the kind of place that could harbor life.  At a brisk -350 […]

I sure wish we have a birth time for Sarah Palin which would help to give us more specificity about her personality and help us to forecast with more accuracy.  (There is a 4:40 pm time circulating around the internet but it […]

Photo by John French.  I’m pleased to interrupt the political whirlwind to bring news of a New Moon in Scorpio.   The New Moon occurs at 7:15 pm tonight (October 28) Eastern time, with the Sun and Moon aligned at […]

This comes as Saturn approaches within one degree to an opposition of Uranus. Mars today is in an exact square to Chiron which just turned direct and this event is certain to push with aggression (Mars) old wounds (Chiron) in […]

In this blog I try to present as balanced a viewpoint as possible when analyzing the astrological charts of public figures.  But we are facing a historic election and I am unabashedly using this pulpit for a political message:  Vote […]

Ray Merriman has a new article up about Saturn in Virgo and the Saturn/Uranus opposition. Ray writes: Saturn in Virgo … relates to the growing frustration of those who do the work – the working class, the middle class. They […]

“The Wounded Healer” by Alex Grey. Chiron has been traveling retrograde since May 25, and changes direction today.  It has been virtually at a standstill since August, holding our feet to the fire as we release the wounds of our past in order […]

A reader wrote to me the other day about an article she had read where a Vedic astrologer predicted that Obama would be assassinated because Ketu (the South Node of the Moon) would be conjunct Obama’s Sun. I dearly want […]

Newsweek has an article online that has been the topic of much discussion: Is technology changing our brains? A new study by UCLA neuroscientistGary Small adds to a growing body of research that says it is. And according to Small’s new […]