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The Astrology of September 11

It’s always easier to look backwards and find astrological correlations to major events than it 911.jpgis to predict specific events using astrology.  Only astrologer Lynne Palmer predicted the attacks of September 11, although other astrologers did note that this period would be a stressful time for the US.  

On the day of the attacks, transiting Pluto was within seventeen minutes of an exact conjunction to the US ascendant at 12 degrees Sagittarius.  Astrologers had worried for months about the opposition of Saturn to Pluto that was in effect at that time, and Pluto, which had been traveling retrograde, turned direct on August 25th within 11 minutes of the US ascendant.  When planets change direction in a close aspect to one of our planets, the effect is extremely intense.  
Saturn and Pluto are both Lords of Death with Saturn having played that role in the early days of astrology before Pluto was discovered.  Modern astrologers don’t find Saturn as evil as the more traditional astrologers do, but the stress between the restriction of Saturn and the transformative power of Pluto can be difficult at best.  With these two facing off and Pluto sitting right on the ascendant, the face of American life and politics (ascendant) were irrevocably changed (Pluto) that day.
But this Pluto cycle actually began on November 25, 2000 when Pluto first crossed the US ascendant – the week of September 11 was the second phase of this cycle.  During that week in November 2000, the Florida recount began that would be the first phase of the lawsuits that resulted in George Bush being appointed President. 
It seems likely to me that the events surrounding the 2000 election in the first phase of Pluto crossing the US ascendant undermined the structures that formed the very fabric of the country to the point where it was vulnerable to attack when Pluto came around the second time and sat right on the US ascendant for a month or more.  .  
Since that time Mars in the US chart has turned retrograde (back in 2007), signifying for many astrologers a weakening in the formerly powerful military might of the country.  Transiting Pluto last spring began a square to the Midheaven (the government) of the US chart that will return in early 2009 when Pluto returns to Capricorn.  
Mark Lerner points out that Mercury was sitting right on the ascendant of the chart of the first World Trade Center attack in NYC, exactly conjunct the US Saturn.  Mark writes, “And when this first plane hit — remember Mercury had winged sandals and was the
“Messenger of the Gods,” symbolizing this jet in the sky — it would set off a
chain reaction that would throw our entire nation into extreme fear (Saturn). In
fact, for the first time in American history, this event, followed by the other
plane hijackings and crashes, would close all American airports.”
Hindsight is the clearest vision we possess.  But on this day when we honor those who gave their life on the day that transformed American politics forever, I believe it is our duty to stay informed and work like hell in our communities to bring American life back into balance. 
  • Kieron

    One way to stay informed is to follow Michael Rivero’s excellent site What Really Happened. In a special 9/11 section, he has compiled many links, sources, and records that were overlooked or downplayed in the aftermath of that day, as well as a list of questions asked about some oddities about the physics of the demolition of the WTC.

  • SB

    Well, dang.
    I had never, for some reason, gone back and looked at the transits to the US chart for that day. Guess I was looking at personal things, as this event caused a huge rift in my own family (as in many other families, I saw later).
    This morning I woke up and, still in bed, thought about how I really hate this anniversary, and why. I hate it for all the obvious reasons — but also, I thought this morning, that this day in 2001 was the day the country I had always known ceased to be. But wait, I then thought — when I first really stopped recognizing this country, when I stopped having faith that things would work out, when I realized the rules had all changed, was when Al Gore was denied the presidency by underhanded bullies and thugs, some in very high places.
    And then hours later, to read this analysis, which ties those events together with a little smouldering Pluto bow on top, in a way even I couldn’t have missed, if I’d been looking… well, dang. Bit of an a-ha! moment, to say the very least.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Kieron, after September 11 I became a fanatic on these sites, and What Really Happened is one of the best. I also like David Icke’s, and Red Ice Creations. of course as well.
    SB – thank you for these comments, that’s a very interesting corollary to the post and proves the point.

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