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Terrorism via newspaper: the end of Pluto through Sagittarius

A few weeks ago my daily newspaper (Sagittarius rules publishing and the media in general along with religion) contained a DVD called The Obsession, an “expose” of Islamic Sharia law.  Evidently the film was made in 2005 and was distributed to 28 million homes.  

Aziz Poonawalla, my new blogging brother here on BeliefNet, reported yesterday that a mosque in Dayton, Ohio was teargassed and suggests that the spread of fear through this DVD was directly responsible. Several bloggers are researching the source of the DVD and have come up with a group called the Clarion Fund. Aziz writes,

Anyone who tries to disclaim any link between this despicable attack and the
release of 20 million copies of the Obsession DVD is either a fool or a liar.
That DVD was intended to bring about precisely this kind of demonization. What
is most shocking about the Obsession DVD is that it is most likely funded by the
very people
you would think would know all too well the wages of this kind
of directed hate, scapegoating, and fear-mongering.


Incidentally, it
doesn’t stop here. There’s a new Islamophobic film due to be released in early
October, in time for Eid al Fitr: The
Third Jihad
. This is a “tsunami
of Islamophobia
” that is clearly aimed at influencing the election in

Follow the links, they’re very interesting.  One links to Richard Silverstein’s blog, which supports peace between Israelis and Arabs, suggesting that the Clarion Fund is run by the Republican Jewish Coalition.  I’m old enough to remember when there were no Jewish Republicans, so that whole idea to me is bizarre enough.  But it seemed to me that the release of this DVD right before the election is meant to create fear in the minds of Americans about Barack Obama, and a quick look at their website confirmed my suspicions with the headline: Barack Obama:  Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israel, even hostile to America.  

This kind of fear (Pluto) through religion (Sagittarius) is what we’ve been dealing with over the past thirteen years, and with Pluto completing its tour through Sagittarius through December, it’s not quite finished.  The dissemination of xenophobia through the newspaper, both under the province of Sagittarius, is a terrible but fitting symbol of the conclusion of this Pluto in Sag period.
  • Jilly

    Your newspaper sent that DVD?

  • Beth Owl’s Daughter

    About 70 newspapers around the country accepted it as paid advertising – something they are in desperate need of. There was an article here about our local paper carrying it:
    — Beth Owl

  • Lynn Hayes

    Your newspaper sent that DVD?
    Yes, see the link in Beth’s comment – we live in the same community.

  • Aziz

    Lynn, thank you for linking to my post. It’s kind of amazing that the pluto-sagitarrius period has been 13 years – that dates back to 1995, which was when the Oklahoma City bombing took place. Timothy McVeigh had Dominionist religious affiliations, and that was the first real taste of terrorism that we as a nation ever really experienced.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Thanks for your comments, Aziz. The Oklahoma City bombing was the initiatory blast of the Pluto in Sag period.

  • Jill

    On the other hand, you have Israelis for Obama.

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