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I arrived in Arizona last night, heading towards the Blast Astrology Conference this weekend.  I’ll have lots of exciting news from the conference, but today please visit some of my friends for your astrology fix:

Leslie takes a look at karma in Barack Obama’s chart, concluding “the potential for him to grow into one of the greatest diplomats of our time is enormous.”
Neith takes a look at the astrological relationship between Todd and Sarah Palin.  
Jeffrey examines the astrology of first dates.
Kathryn takes a detailed look at the “menage a trois” of Venus, Mars and Saturn conjunct in Libra right now. 
Dharmaruci has hopes for Zimbabwe, despite a Sun/Pluto opposition in the national chart. 
  • Jeffrey Kishner

    Thanks for the link, Lynn! Enjoy the Blast — my Brooklyn pal Samuel Reynolds is doing a 15 min talk on dignities, you should check him out!

  • Neith

    Thank you for the link, Lynn! Just doing my bit to offer fair, unbiased astrology in the best Libra tradition. And in the interest of equity I also did a synastry post for the Obama’s and will do the same for the McCain’s and the Biden’s. BTW, I choose to use only birth dates & places because of the confusion on birth times or complete lack of.
    Enjoy The Blast! Of course we are all looking forward to hearing about your experiences there . . . :-)

  • Astrology

    I believe in astrology. I believe it is one of the spiritual forces which affect us. So, I think exploration into astrology can lead to a belief in the supernatural. And I think that is important, as we are souls on a spiritual journey, not boxes of flesh which are just slaves to the material laws of physics.
    Paramahansa Yogananda, a great Hindu saint (one of only a handful of people recognized as such by no less than Mahatma Gandhi), wore an astrological bangle to help protect him from these forces.
    This is discussed in Chapter 16 of his Autobiography. The text is available online (free):
    I think that once we do discover that there is indeed a spiritual world, the best choice is to then engage in a spiritual path, as the purpose of our life is to re-unite with God. While learning about hidden spiritual forces is interesting and inspiring, it can not give us what prayer, meditation, acts of charity and disciplines of morality can give us. It is through those that true happiness can be found.
    And here is an article about astrology by the spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy:
    (In 2007, Sri Chinmoy was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev)

  • Jay

    This is not based on any astrological data, but I’m having another one of those gut feelings – actually I’ve had it for a few weeks now – about John McCain – every time I see him – and it’s getting stronger – that something doesn’t feel right. Something is way off – physically/emotionally or mentally. Maybe something being hidden? Any astrology that relates to this?

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