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Pluto direct and the fall of the markets

wallstreet.jpgOver the past year, I and other astrologers have warned of the upcoming collapse of what I have called the Relentless Optimism of the Pluto in Sagittarius period.  Back in May, I wrote:

As predicted in this column, stock markets around the world rallied in April with US stock funds rising nearly 5% in that month following Pluto’s retrograde turn as it heads back into Sagittarius. The Sagittarian optimism that has fueled overspending, overborrowing, overinvesting, and a drastic increase of home sizes and prices sank into despair when Pluto first entered Capricorn in January.


As Pluto retrograded back through Sagittarius, money writers weren’t sure whether to fall on the side of the bulls or the bears but astrologers knew that the end of the expansion was just a matter of time.  

Some financial analysts are agreeing with astrologers, calling this a “Sucker’s Rally.”

Jean-Marie Eveillard, who runs the $US22 billion ($23.5 billion) First Eagle Global Fund, is skeptical the gains can last because the worst housing slump since the Great Depression will reduce earnings. S&P 500 companies are valued at 22.7 times profit, the most in four years.


Options traders are paying 63% more to protect against a drop in the S&P 500 than to bet on a gain, the widest difference since at least 2005.

”It may be a suckers’ rally,” said Eveillard, who is based in New York. ”Investors want to believe. But if I’m right, then there’s truth to the argument that this is the worst financial crisis since the end of World War II. The same kind of reflex is the wrong reflex.”


Pluto changed direction on the 9th, and immediately Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the vehicles through which America mortgaged its security to pay for its lifestyle, were taken over by regulators.  Shortly thereafter several banks failed, and today we have the bankruptcy announcement of Lehman Brothers and the fall of AIG, an insurance giant who was heavily invested in mortgage instruments.

Sagittarius is the sign of expansion and optimism, and Pluto’s travels through Sagittarius brought with it an optimism that seemed to be endless.  The stock market would forever go up, home prices would forever inflate, and all you had to do was borrow as much money as you can to fully leverage your lifestyle.  Capricorn is the sign of the reality check, and Pluto entered Capricorn back in January, bringing the first taste of that reality check.  The US chart has Sagittarius rising, and optimism is our middle name.  We don’t like the hard work and discipline that Capricorn requires, and Pluto in Capricorn will be difficult for Americans.  

Capricorn is the sign of social structures: government, the banking industry, structures that keep society held together.  Pluto through Capricorn can create breakdown in these areas if they are not serving the purpose for which they are intended.  Pluto has no patience for silliness or illusion.  Read more about this cycle on my website. 
  • Neith

    What was a pleasant surprise was crude also fell under $100/barrel but until the damage to the refineries is assessed gas prices won’t follow suit.
    Do you think stringent regulations are in the works for the financial sector with Pluto moving into Capricorn? I’m thinking we may see regulations returning with a vengeance in many areas they were lifted, like energy for instance. I also bet those at the top still made out like bandits and will not suffer like the rest of us.
    This may just pull attention back to the “economy stupid” . . . :-)

  • Joseph

    The financial structure is in for a major overhaul over the next year. The coming Chinese “year of the Ox” will establish a new footing from the current year’s Rat energy. Hopefully, as a society, we’ll have learned our Sagittarian lessons about greed and excess.
    Adding to this mix: all 4 candidates have a significant aspect in early degrees of a Cardinal sign:
    Obama – Venus 1 Cancer
    Biden – Neptune 1 Libra
    McCain North Node 1 Capricorn/ Mercury 2 Libra
    Palin – Venus 1 Aries
    Pluto will strongly impact each candidate. How this shakes out over the coming few months remains to be seen.

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious as to whether there are significant aspects in early degrees of cardinal signs for Bob Barr, Ron Paul or Ralph Nader.
    Those at the top may have a harder time than we peons might think: A lot of them would be heavily invested (or infested) in ADM/Merril Lynch -type companies with heavy real estate assets, which now will have to be severely compromised and dumped onto the already failing housing market – with all of the other foreclosures, and all that that entails.
    What a soup to be in.
    Another Good article, Lynn!

  • Reagen

    That last post was mine. I forgot to put my name in.

  • newjerusalemfoundation

    I don’t think that you really needed astrology to predict that one, with inflated market values, stock splits, greed and demand to show a profit the market has been pushing the envelopes for years. The feds have lowered interest rates numerous of times to give the market relief but instead of cutting back they pushed and shoved even harder, at one point they (the market) practically demanded that people put their social security into the market to buoy it. Since the feds didn’t get the social security they’ve done the next thing to it they bypassed the tax payer, the tax payer had no say in it, and they bailed out a number of major institutions, where does that leave the dollar, I’d say very weak… So what’s going to happen, my option, or prediction, I think we should start building a place for Jesus, because think what you will, it won’t be that long before he actually comes. Palin thinks she’ll see him, A Jahovie told me years ago, he could come, “any time” of course that person tried to have me put in prison when I asked him to help come prepare and greet him so there are those who say they believe but don’t really. Bottom line it doesn’t matter what astrology reads or people predict it’s a crisis and it’s going to require old fashion work to correct it!

  • Darrell

    Yes well no we don’t NEED astrology or any other system.. but when used in combination with observation of everyday life.. the cycles of all things.. the Natural World etc.. it helps us to see that ‘the Heavens’ are a kind of ‘Cosmic Mirror’.. informing us all as to what issues or themes we are all trying to work through down here in this realm of clay.. ie. *Saturn’s domain.. ruler of ‘life & death’.. ‘the material world’ in which we all live.. as ‘the Spirit World’ (ie. Neptune.. ‘the non-material realm’) looks on from the dimension beyond this one…
    The archetype of *Pluto relates to themes of ‘power or hidden things’.. as ‘Lord of the Underworld’.. *Uranus to ‘freedom from the Known’.. *Pluto.. ‘the Soul’.. the desire to retutn to ‘the Source of all life’.. *Mars.. relating to the desire to seperate from ‘Source’.. ie. ‘the Ego’ etc…
    So yes.. ‘the planets’ & their repeating cycles through the signs & to eachother are our original ‘time keepers’.. the Cosmic Clockwork if you like.. adding further depth to the cycles of the Sun & the Moon.. affecting the timing of our seasons etc.. ‘the seasons of our lives’…
    Currently transiting *Pluto in Sagitarius.. applies to closely semi-sextile (30 deg aspect) the US natal *Pluto in Capricorn…
    While the coming back down to earth thme is also further emphasised by transiting *Jupiter in Capricorn (13deg) closely trine transiting *Saturn in Virgo (13deg).. while both also closely oppose (180 deg aspect) & sextile (60 deg asp) the US natal Sun in Cancer (13deg).. the archetypes of Saturn & Capricorn also ruling the government of a country..
    Into ‘the mystery’ we continually go.. Life is.. forever wiser.. hopefully.. with the aid of ‘hindsight’…

  • Great Prediction

    A while after I read your original prediction, I moved most of my investments out of harms way. You probably saved me thousands of dollars.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Thank you for that feedback Great Prediction! I’m at the Blast Astrology conference this weekend where I’ll be taking a workshop with Ray Merriman on financial astrology. I can’t wait to report what I learn!

  • Tracy

    I was prepared as much as I could be for this week’s ‘adjustment’ but then anyone worth their salt who knew anything about astrology knew that once Pluto went direct last week, it was not going to take any hostages as it began to march Sag. It has not been pretty and it is certainly not over. So, yeah, we have not hit bottom.
    But here is the thing that I was not prepared for and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before… I am coming across more mean spirited people than I have ever have in my life. Not just at me but at other people around me. It has been two weeks of mindboggling dark meanness. I keep thinking when I see it.. “ooo how ebenezer scrooge of you.’ Which feels so Capricorn.

  • Gaiamuse

    Here’s one case where I was really glad to practice astrology. Like Lynn, I knew that Pluto moving into Capricorn would bring a “grounding” of the fiery Sagittarian energy that’s been around for 13 years. And that grounding would translate into a plunge. And so when it began in ernest, I sold most of my equities and am not in insured vehicles.
    We still have over a month before Pluto enters Capricorn — November 26th. And somewhere in that area the market should hit the ground with a large thud. It could be anytime between now and not too long after that date — (having to do with collective unconscious and how it relates to astrology.) Any body want to make a prediction what the “ground” is? Maybe where the market would have been if it had had a conservative growth period over the past 13 years of Pluto in Sag — say somewhere in the 6% range — which would make it around 7500 to 8500….?
    This is amazing to watch. People may not believe in astrology — but it certainly believes in them!

  • Gaiamuse

    Make that “NOW in insured vehicle…” …lol.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Gaiamuse, that’s an excellent way to predict the floor of the stock market, and it coincides with the 7400 figure that Ray Merriman gives. I’ve been predicting doom for the stock market since Jupiter squared Saturn last year but I underestimated the impact of Pluto in Sag optimism. That optimism kept the market inflating while the fundamentals (Jupiter square Saturn) contracted. This would probably make a good post!

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