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McCain’s transits and the Palin Family Values

I know I said I was going to take a short break from politics, but this is just too wild.  Sarah Palin, John McCain’s pick for Vice President, announced today that her 17-year old daughter Bristol is pregnant.  This is a bit ironic in light of Governor Palin’s support for funding only abstinence education in schools.  Bristol Palin is not married.

Barack Obama says, “Back off these stories,” that families are off-limits.  He reminds us that his mother was 18 when he was born.  Still, when family issues become signals of hypocrisy, are they not important to investigate?  The right wing is calling these investigations “misogynstic.”  But as I recall, the same investigations were carried out when John Edwards betrayed his family and his campaign, and the last time I looked he was a man.


And more importantly, could we have seen this in Palin’s chart?  My reader Jay asked this question a few days ago, and said she had a feeling that something might happen to cause her to drop out of the race.

Transiting Saturn is beginning a transit over Palin’s Pluto and opposite Chiron in her chart, and certainly that suggests a stressful couple of weeks.  But it’s a one-hit transit, and not a major life change.  Neptune is exactly conjunct her Sun right now, which can create some confusion, illusion and delusion (the Neptune trio).  Neptune transiting the Sun can cloud the issues and erode one’s confidence.   I have more often seen clients fall victim to delusion than perpetrate it under this transit.  Would I predict her downfall here?  Not necessarily.


We can actually see a greater degree of trouble in McCain’s chart. McCain has Saturn (reality, discipline, structure) opposed by Neptune’s dreamy misty rose colored classes.  This gives him difficulty in seeing the reality of any situation, and because Neptune widely conjuncts his Venus, that is likely to occur most frequently in relationships with others.  I wrote the other day of transiting Uranus opposing Venus in his chart; I had not realized that Uranus is also square to his progressed Venus, which is exactly square natal Venus.  This is a clear indication of troubles in alliances and partnerships.  In addition, transiting Saturn is approaching a conjunction to his natal Neptune, creating tests and waking him up (Saturn) to anywhere that he is locked in illusion (Neptune).  This transit will hit in late October, and by November Saturn will be exactly opposite Saturn in his chart. 


But the clearest indication of trouble at this point in time is the fact that on this exact day McCain’s progressed Moon is EXACTLY conjunct his progressed Mars, and that both planets are EXACTLY square to McCain’s natal nodes.  The nodes are the signposts that point us in the right direction, and transits to or from the nodes often presage events that are significant events in our lives.  The Moon often, but not always, signifies a woman (especially in a man’s chart) and we can see today’s announcement mirrored in this planetary event.

The McCain/Palin campaign has said that McCain knew of the pregnancy when he invited Palin aboard, and the love for the conservative press for Palin seems to live on – in fact, they are lauding her daughter’s bravery for having the baby and not getting an abortion.  I guess I’m missing something.  At any rate, to Jay I offer this post in honor of his excellent intuition.

  • Kathryn Cassidy

    We are singing from the same songsheet again Lynn – just heard news and posted about this too. Unbelievable. I likened it to a soap opera. What next?
    Thanks for your steady handed, level headed analysis of the transits. Hope all’s well. Congratulations on your success at
    Kathryn x

  • Neith

    I’m sitting here with a stunned look on my face attempting to make sense of all this. While I know most of us human beings wander around with a paradox or two in our makeup, Sarah Palin’s ability to hold any number of opposing points of view simultaneously is staggering!
    Yes, welcome to the soap opera world of American presidential politics circa 2008. The Obama-Biden ticket is looking more conservative by the moment . . . :-)

  • Anne

    Thanks for bringing reason to the table, but I fear there is none in this. It’s gonna take a real game of Twister to land on the square that lets Palin run on the merits of Soccer Mom-in-Chief.
    Palin is either a bad mom for abandoning her kids, including a special needs infant, to run a national campaign….OR she’s a bad mom for lying about Bristol’s first pregnancy and claiming the baby as hers…OR she’s a bad mom for now using Bristol as a pawn in the veep-stakes race…OR…..
    My head hurts. And by the way, wasn’t Fox News criticizing the Edwards family for continuing his campaign after her cancer diagnosis? But not a word of reproach for a mother of 5 to hit the campaign trail? Especially an infant needing special care and a pregnant unmarried teenager?
    Or is it all a political head fake? So we don’t talk about her support for the Bridge to Nowhere? Or big oil’s support of her? Aarrgh.
    I’ve heard enough from the Double Talk Express.

  • Jay

    Wow. Thanks for the surprise acknowledgment. Politics aside, I’ve been focusing on learning to trust my intuitive feelings more, so this lets me know I’m moving in the right direction. Just one correction. I’m a “she”.
    Don’t know why, but I have had an extremely visceral reaction to Sarah Palin. I think I’ve just had it with stupid. The level of self-serving pandering is beyond the beyond in this “game” of politics. This election is just too important to our lives and the future of the planet. I’ve taken several deep breaths and decided to allow the game to unfold as it will and focus on the highest outcome.

  • leslee

    Palin says, “We’re proud of Bristol’s decision to have her baby…” Um, decision? Right, because she has a CHOICE!
    It just gets weirder and weirder, doesn’t it?

  • Joe

    What bothers me most, besides the prevarication coming from the campaign, is that Palin strongly promotes abstinence-only sex education for young people, and by extension would be enforcing this stance on others in her jurisdiction, yet her power to enforce it at home has obviously been a failure. Lady, attend to the mess in your own house before presuming to preach at me about the condition of mine.
    It’s also disingenuous for the family-values crowd to praise the decision to keep the child. By their selfsame rulebook, premarital sex is a sin and worthy of damnation. What IS it with these shifting values? For a group that is so black and white in their thinking, they’re painting in shades of gray to justify this woman’s actions!
    The spin is making my head, er, spin.

  • Jilly

    I wonder if the convention postponement will give a chance for her to resign “to spend more time with her family.”
    What a trainwreck.

  • Marianne

    What Anne said…and Jay..and Leslee. Okay, what everybody said!
    It boggles the mind!

  • DD

    I have been glued to the news feeds and blogs, because there is always something new breaking on this story. Now it has come to light, via ABC news, that she has been a member of The Alaskan Independence Party AIP, a secessionist organization supporting Alaska to secede from the USA. This sounds Uranian.

  • Marie

    Here, here Jay. I agree with you about being fed up with the stupid. I however am nowhere near taking a deep breath and being at peace with this. I’ve seen two elections slip through my hands and I am not prepared for it to happen again. The Repubs are going to spin this to make Palin look like a saint – already their talking point is “well, this is a family!” You know like, “what can we do it’s in God’s hands?” Look I’ve been reading around and there are many in Alaska who do not have a favorable view of Palin. Some have called her “crazy.” And yet Mr. McCain feels she is ready to lead this country?! If it’s up to the nutty evangelists it very well could happen. IMO Obama should be ahead by 30 pts! But the race is in a dead heat. I find this very troubling. I’m sick of my president being chosen by people who fear real leadership.

  • maureen rehg

    Nancy Reagan was pregnant before she was married in the 1950’s. Barack’s mother was pregnant when she got married in the 1960’s. Apparantly this sort of thing happens a lot…and across party lines, too! Who cares?
    Not to let the facts get in the way of your intuitions BUT: Palin had the opportunity to sign a bill that would ban gays from having any legal rights and she choice to VETO it. Twice bills tightening restrictions on abortions in Alaska came before Palin and she chose to “table” them and work on economic issues instead. However, Barack Obama killed the Born Alive Protection Act (signed by EVERY senator in the U.S. Senate)while in the Illinois Senate. I’m pro-choice, but killing babies born of botched abortions is murder. Why not comment on this guy’s square between Sun and Neptune? Why not comment on his empty 10th house? Why demean yourselves and astrology by clucking about a teenager’s bad choices?

  • Denise

    It is AMAZING .
    I have to say that what I find appalling about this whole situation is that she is dragging her daughter into the national spotlight under these circumstances. She has become fodder for tabloids overnight and its the governors fault. The poor girl – as if she isn’t going through enough. How can that be justified?? Palin was a journalism major. What did she think was going to happen??
    Family values…

  • SB

    Amen, Denise. I was scribbling very nearly the same thing you wrote, and got distracted mid-post and checked to make sure I wasn’t duplicating anyone.
    Palin’s response to the rumors about Trig actually being her grandson was to throw her daughter’s privacy to the wolves — and then have the utter gall to call this a private family matter, when she’s the one who went public with it! She did it either on her own or at the demands of the McCain camp, either way to save the ticket’s political hide. How craven, how cold, how callous to her own family’s needs… all because of a rumour spurred by her own bizarre conduct during her pregnancy.
    She could simply have released her medical records, something most candidates have to do at some point anyway, to put those rumors to rest. Better yet, she could have protected her daughter’s privacy by refusing to accept the nod. If she HAD to blow her daughter’s privacy, she could have mentioned in her introduction to the national stage that she expects to be a proud grandparent shortly, which would have made this almost a non-story. She did none of those things. I don’t like a lot of things about Palin, but this I like the least.
    The way she handled this speaks volumes about her character and judgment, and by extension either McCain’s judgment or lack of vetting. And THIS, between Leavin’ John and Mommy-Of-The-Year here, is the “family values” ticket??? Gaaaaah!
    (Lynn, glad this one brought you out of political retirement, however briefly.)

  • Lynn Hayes

    Why not comment on this guy’s square between Sun and Neptune? Why not comment on his empty 10th house?
    Maureen, I have commented many times on the guy’s square between Sun and Neptune (most particularly this article:
    And here’s an interesting factoid: Sarah Palin has the Sun square Neptune as well. Will the conservative astrologers, few that they are, still consider this to be the aspect of deception?
    As a professional astrologer, consulting with clients charts day after day for nearly 25 years, I have seen this Sun/Neptune square over and over. It makes sense that clients seeking consultation would be more consciously working on their stuff, but I have seen this far more in charts of victims than perpetrators.
    And an empty tenth house simply means that he doesn’t have a huge inner need to express himself in the public arena. That should be consolation to those who compare Obama to Hitler.

  • Scorpio On The Prowl

    Lynn, you are missing something.
    The “rumors”……..
    “Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned,” the statement said. “As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows that she has our unconditional love and support.”
    The announcement came after a swirl of rumors by liberal bloggers that the governor’s fifth child, who was born in April, was in fact her daughter’s.
    Check out:
    Click here: Daily Kos: State of the Nation
    Click here: Questions in the Middle of the Night
    Click here: The Immoral Minority
    I am not sure these sites will pass the “Rules of Conduct” test….
    but they are interesting.

  • max

    I wrote the other day of transiting Uranus opposing Venus in his chart; I had not realized that Uranus is also square to his progressed Venus, which is exactly square natal Venus.
    And his progressed Merc is still in orb of his NUranus. More interesting is that the Palin/McCain composite had that T-Square of Jupiter/Mars/Pluto (with Lillith completing the cross), and his PrSun/PrMerc are right on the mix, with the election day Sun reinforcing.
    [‘If her 16:40 time is right, they have composite Mars in the 9th.’]

  • Jill

    Nothing says “family values” like shotgun-marrying your 17-year-old off to a high school boy who says in his MySpace profile that he doesn’t want kids. That poor girl.
    I wonder about the things “pointing to a woman.” I’m not sure this is just about McCain and a runningmate. If you check out the video at Jed Report from Palin’s speech, you can see that McCain is alternating between hecking her out and twisting his wedding ring in a highly Freudian way, while Cindy looks on behind them with a frozen smile on her face. Picture, thousand words, etc. He DOES, after all, have a history of zeroing in on women who can help his political career….

  • Madison

    Palin scares me. I also got a very strong visceral reaction to her.
    Her recored on the environment is TERRIBLE
    Lynn, I like your blog and I hope you keep posting about the Palin thing.
    Even Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy said off-mike that they thought the pick was “gimmicky” and she is not the best person for the job.
    Are the American people really going to fall for this?
    Can anyone tell with astrology who will win the election?

  • ktkane

    I certainly don’t agree with Governor Palin’s politics but found her very likeable in her televised speech. However, it seems to me that there is something fishy about her (apart from her husband’s business). Natal Neptune squares her natal Sun, Mars, Saturn stellium which is currently under transit by Neptune. This tells me something is not what it seems with a male and perhaps some responsibility. Pluto Uranus conjunct in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces makes me wonder if something embarassing may be in the offing. ( Like maybe proof that Trig is her grandson coming forward if that it true) I say this because Saturn and the Sun are are on the Pluto and Uranus conjunction at present. I am just an amateur and am interested in other’s opinions. I have Neptune square the Sun in my natal chart. In my life it has had to do less with deception than with confusion about career and identity (the Sun sits on my nadir conjunct Uranus and Mercury)and also being very naieve about certain men.

  • Marianne

    I just had to share this brilliant article I was lucky enough to find:
    I haven’t been this impressed by a newspaper columnist since I was a teenager reading Joyce Maynard’s and Dave Barry’s columns in The St. Pete Times. Too long ago!

  • sam

    It is depressing to feel all of the negative energy everyone is vomiting up.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Madison writes, Can anyone tell with astrology who will win the election?
    Frankly, Madison, no. Astrology is rarely accurate when used to predict specific events. We can accurately predict trends and cycles, and we can speculate on the specifics, but the fact is we are not meant to know the future. Knowing the future would negate the process by which we get there, and the process is the point.
    Sam, I don’t see this as negative energy – simply discussion.

  • Marianne

    “….the negative energy everyone is vomiting up.”
    Now there’s a positive mental picture! LOL

  • Alan Ouimet

    Dear Lynn:
    I just read your commentary on McCain. Looking at the transits to John McCain’s chart I think we should consider the aspects with regard to their total configuration. True transiting Saturn is approaching natal Neptune and transiting Uranus conjoining to natal Saturn. However it is actually transiting Saturn oppose transiting Uranus which is aspecting his natal Saturn (square Jupiter) oppose Sun-Neptune-Venus on Election Day. The latter configuration natally represents his devotion to the discipline life spent in the Navy, love of country etc.
    Transiting Saturn-Uranus suggests the “outsider” or the “heretic” if you will. Exactly the issue on which he is running.
    I have seen on other blogs that Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Venus
    is being interpreted as a loss of popularity. However, I would like to point out that my son married when transiting Saturn conjoined his
    natal Venus. Still married quite happily after ten years. In a word,
    Saturn to Venus can represent the taking of vows or an oath – the
    making of a covenanted relationship. When Bush took his oath in 92 elections transiting Saturn squared natal Venus; in 96 – transiting
    Saturn was quindecile (165) his natal Venus.
    Barack, on the other hand, has some very negative aspects on election day – transiting Saturn conjoin natal Mars (separation, block to progress), transiting Mars square transiting Neptune conjunct natal
    Ascendant – a depleting and dissolving energy in his environment and
    transiting Sun Scorpio (other’s resources) square natal Sun in Leo.
    In a word, it suggests McCain – Palin will be taking the oath of office on January 20.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Thanks for your comments, Alan. Saturn does impel us to want to make commitments, and it’s often found in marriage charts as you pointed out. I haven’t looked at McCain’s transits for quite a while and it’s probably time to revisit them. I haven’t seen Sun transits to be very instrumental in big events, but the Mars/Neptune square that day is troubling. I think it’s likely, as many are saying, that the election results once again will not be known for quite some time with Neptune’s fog obscuring the desires of the public (Mars). That same Scorpio Mars will trine McCain’s Saturn (quincunxed by Neptune) which seems to favor McCain. Ugh.

  • Joe

    Lynn, you are so in need of help, I don’t think you can accept it.
    Your dark side of Hate is something you are in denial about. I hope you can meditate on your self, and come to a healing conclusion.

  • kimberly Johnson

    Why is ist that 7 of the 8 major or most renowned astrologer chose Obama to win the Presidential race? I will see if I can find this article again and post it to you. Lynn, I agree with your comment. The
    fate of the US will be tested if McCain wins.

  • Chris E

    On Obama’s transits… I think the Mars/Neptune ascendant means that people will disseminate a lot of rumors about Obama and generally cast aspersions on his character, etc. to try to drown him on election day. It’s on the wane on the 4th actually. The Saturn/Mars transit mentioned may mean that he’s worked like a pack mule (I’ve had that one this year) and he has a stressful time of it for a while.

  • Your Name

    Ooops! Guess the voters forgot to read Alan’s comments.
    As an amateur astrologer and scientist, I have to ask — when astrologers make predictions, is it common practice to review them after events occur to check for accuracy?

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