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Astrological Musings

Libra New Moon!

New Moon copy.jpgNew Moons are exciting times of renewal and new beginnings, and the Moon was new in Libra at 4 am EDT today.  Each month we are initiated into the mysteries of the signs in zodiacal order, and following the Virgo mystery that was illuminated by the New Moon eclipse on August 30, we find ourselves being opened to the Libran quest for beauty, harmony, and a balance in our relationships with others.  

Relationships are highlighted now, and with Venus, ruler of the New Moon, currently in Scorpio there is likely to be passion and intensity (Scorpio) in those relationships and the possibility for dissonance.  Venus and Scorpio have nothing in common – these signs are inconjunct (30 degrees apart) and they don’t understand each other.  We must face the truth about our relationships (Scorpio) while working to achieve balance within them (Libra).  This extends to all kinds of partnerships in our life, and anywhere that we relate to others. 
With this New Moon we begin to see the opposition between Saturn (form and structure) and Uranus (chaos and innovation) moving towards their alignment that will be exact on election day. The Libra New Moon connects the energy of the Sun and the Moon – the conscious mind (Sun) and the emotional instincts (Moon) to ask “Where do the structures of my life that I depend on (Saturn) need to be altered so that they will better serve my authentic self (Uranus)?”
Mercury is retrograde, and at the Libra New Moon we are looking backwards to reprocess events in our life in a way that is more balanced and harmonious (Libra) than they were before.  Mercury trines Neptune exactly now, offering us a doorway to see our ideals (Neptune) clearly and express them in a creative and inspirational fashion.  
Look at your own chart to see which house the New Moon falls in – this is the area of your life where you have the potential to begin anew.  If you would like to like discussing this with others, please join the thread on our fledgling Astrological Musings group here at Beliefnet.  
  • Audria Gebhardt

    Please pardon the correction: Libra and Scorpio are a semi-sextile aspect to each other, not an inconjunct (quote from today’s Libra new moon article above “Venus and Scorpio have nothing in common – these signs are inconjunct (30 degrees apart) and they don’t understand each other”). Signs and planets that are 30 degrees apart are in a semi-sextile aspect to each other, an inconjunct (or quincunx as it is also known) is an aspect of 150 degrees. I do agree that signs next to each other in the Zodiac (semi-sextile aspect)have little in common.
    I do enjoy reading the daily Astrological Musings.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Thanks for your comment, Audria, and for reading Astrological Musings! There is disagreement as to the terminology of these aspects. I am one that feels that to call a 30 degree aspect a semi-sextile is a misnomer because the nature of the 30 degree aspect is completely different from the sextile. You might find my earlier article on this subject interesting:

  • Anonymous

    I have to say as easy as this New Moon is..on paper. The sesquiquadrate with Neptune is palpable. Disillusion to the nth degree in congress. Bad form which is so anti-Libra everywhere we turn. Never underestimate the smaller aspects. Especially in the absence of big ones.

  • Rob

    My birthday was yesterday… I’d like to know more about the sesquiquadrate with Neptune aspect, but have no name to use with which to address to my request, so this will have to do.
    Please, , can you or anyone for that matter, elaborate? I understand a bit about Neptune, which I just found out is my “Power Planet”. But the implications of this seemingly ominous aspect has arrested my attention.
    My Moon is in Cancer too!
    Thanks in advance to and to anyone else who may help.
    Take care,

  • tracy

    They are subtle, but when you get some distance on them you can see that they really have a punch. Perhaps because they are not as dramatic as a square or opposition they are dismissed but then that would be like saying, Marlon Brando is a good actor but malkovich is not, just because Marlon can suck the oxygen out of a room.
    This Neptune aspect with the sun/moon will be felt of the whole 28 days of the lunar cycle. Expect the subtlities to be seen all month. illusion, disillusioned,booze,manipulation,art…you know the drill…

  • Lynn Hayes

    I’d like to know more about the sesquiquadrate with Neptune aspect,
    Rob, the sesquiquadrate (more commonly called sesquisquare) is a weak square. There is some tension but not usually enough to result in a crisis followed by resolution such as we see with the square.

  • tracy

    There is some tension but not usually enough to result in a crisis followed by resolution such as we see with the square.
    I don’t know if I would catagorize it as a crisis, either. But at the same time I have felt the sesiquisquare and with neptune sun it has felt like disillusionment or if not depression, perhaps deep ennui. When I looked at my chart I didn’t see any of the classic bigger aspect, instead it was the sesiquiquadrate. And in some of my client’s charts, I have seen the aspect in effect, by the client’s own description. But again, it is subtle. Let’s face it, a sun square neptune will be more in one’s face than a neptune sesquiquadrate sun. But if there is nothing else going on with the sun….then I would not dismiss it (as I have in the past).

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