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Election predictions using astrology

Madison asked in the comment stream whether astrology could predict the outcome of the elections.  If you’ve been reading this column for awhile you know that it is my belief that we are not meant to predict the future.  First – we create our own future to a great extent, and therefore the future is in constant flux.  Second – if we knew the future the process that we take to get there would mean very little and it is this process that is the key to our soul’s evolution and growth.

Astrology gives us eerily accurate insight into the cycles and trends of our lives, and if we look backwards we can usually target exactly the astrological cycles that were present when specific events took place.  Looking forwards and predicting events, though, is much less accurate.  Still, astrologers attempt to do so, sometimes with great success as when back in 2000 astrologer Jacob Schwartz predicted that Al Gore would win the popular vote and lose the election.  
The opposition between Uranus and Saturn that will be in effect on Election Day reflects the choice between Change (Uranus) and Experience (Saturn) that has driven this whole election cycle so far.  But now that McCain (Experience) has put Sarah Palin (Change) on his ticket, we have two sets of candidates that possess both a Change candidate and an Experience candidate.  Astrologer Ray Merriman has pointed out that several times when Saturn and Uranus were in conjunction or opposition during an election the Republican candidate won, but in all cases it was a change from the previous party.  However, history tells us that when the economy is poor the Democratic candidate wins.  
In any case, the astrological signatures suggest that the election once again will not be settled on election day.  Mercury changes signs that day, moving from Libra where it is all about collaboration, to Scorpio where our thoughts become more intensified and interested in matters of power.  Scorpio also signifies things that are hidden, and perhaps ballots (Mercury) could be lost or stolen (Scorpio).   However, Pluto will form an exact sextile to Mercury that day which will encourage voters to make carefully thought out and well-researched decisions rather than act impulsively. 
The Moon is void of course most of the day until 7:01 pm EST when the polls close, and it is in Capricorn where it tends to favor the Saturnian side of the equation.  The Capricorn Moon is more security-oriented and more likely to be fearful of change. 
Mars in Scorpio is in exact square to Neptune, suggesting that efforts (Mars) may be wasted (Neptune) or that the outcome of those efforts are obscured and confused.  If there IS a violent act (Mars) on that day it will be a mysterious one and obscured by layers of mystery (Neptune).  
Before we get too depressed, though, let me point out some positive planetary combinations in effect that day which the doom and gloom astrologers have omitted from their planetary review:  Jupiter (abundance and opportunity) will be trine Saturn and sextile Uranus, softening the challenging dynamic of the Saturn/Uranus opposition and bringing in a sense of hope and confidence that may sway the electorate more towards a balanced view of the Change/Experience dynamic.  
  • Sasha

    A few comments/questions about November 4, 2008 election. Although most polls on the East Coast open around 6 am, they open at 12:01 am EST in Dixville, NH. The moon does not go VOC until 1:47 am EST. In your article, you give 7:01 pm EST as the next aspect; however, a majority of the polls in the country close after that. Granted most of the battleground states are in the eastern time zone but there are a few in the mountain zones. How does this affect a view of the election day chart?

  • Neith

    Thanks for this, Lynn. It sure feels like Neptune is influencing the whole she-bang right now! Honestly after reading various astrologers on the election and the candidates, I’m very confused.
    Just keep reminding myself that whatever the outcome we still have many hurdles ahead and no matter who is elected Pluto will still be in Capricorn for the next 15 yrs and will be busy transforming the landscape in his inimitable fashion. :-)

  • Shane

    Thanks for continuing the politics and astrology posts, Lynn. I know you had reservations about doing too many, but this election seems unprecedented in its importance. We are all moving into global consciousness (the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto imminently in the 10th, 11th and 12th signs), and the impact the American President could have in helping America but the globe is rather profound.

  • Beth Owl’s Daughter

    Hear, hear for continuing the political observations, Lynn! They are really fascinating, and I love how beautifully, and coherently you distill the information.
    – Beth Owl

  • Lynn Hayes

    Sasha – it’s hard to predict what might happen. Many times there is no noticeable effect when the Moon is void of course, but at times there is a vague sense of things not working properly – a break in the plan. Your point is well taken that for the rest of the country the Moon will be back on course before the polls close, so perhaps the bulk of the issues will be on the East coast. But I really see this as being a minor hiccup.
    Neith says “Honestly after reading various astrologers on the election and the candidates, I’m very confused.” A true sign of Neptune at work!! Here’s the thing that I think is important: There’s no doubt that the power of the US is on the wane. The next president is going to have to understand how to work WITH other nations, and not just bully them. I just don’t think that’s McCain OR Palin.
    Shane – thanks for your comments. I am trying to inject some spirituality into the politics just to keep myself centered. :)
    And Beth OD – thanks as always for your consistently kind comments. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!! :) :) :) :)

  • jjasonham

    Great article! Have you seen the Visual Astrology Newsletter (Zyntara) for this month by Bernadette Brady? It notes how the Venus cycle is connected to our Presidential elections. I’m always impressed by their fresh take on the sky stories presented in the news! Its a fascinating read.

  • Joe

    I’ll repeat what I said over at Pisces Chronicles:
    I’m starting to think of one possible and plausible reason Palin is in this picture is because the flap over her ethical probes, conflicts of interest, creationism views, pro-gun female, and certainly her daughter’s pregnancy are a great big
    —> *** OOH, SHINY! ***

  • jestrfyl

    In the absence of any real political discussion about real issues between the candidates, this is very interesting.

  • Mary

    Great analysis, Lynn. Thank you. Holding my breath about the election … and rooting for Jupiter!

  • yvonne

    zooming ahead, the Inaugeration chart for Jan. 20, ’09, 12 noon EST
    in Washington D.C. shows both Sun and Mercury zero degrees in the
    sign Aquarius at the M/C which are exactly conjunct Obama’s natal
    Jupiter zero degrees Aquarius. Hopefully this points to a definite
    Win for Obama!!

  • susannah

    Is this prediction based Western astrological planetary positions? Or, are they based on Indian Jotish astrology (which are astronomically accurate)? Just curious. I would like to see predictions from both systems to compare.

  • Dharmashaiva

    For Jyotish, try this.

  • Jay

    I’d like to add to Uranus(change) and Saturn (experience)
    Uranus is forward thinking. Saturn is status quo, can look for security through sameness and is often fear based.
    We have some positives and negatives of Uranus and Saturn in play:
    Obama does Uranus as new, innovative, forward thinking ideas, hopeful change with a thoughtful, reflective, non-impulsive approach (Saturn)
    McCain did Uranus through Palin -impulsive change for change sake – without the experience of Saturn, and their words say change, but their policies are Saturn (status quo – same policies as Bush) disguised in a Uranian package (Palin).
    Obama chose Biden (Saturn – experience) who supports the forward looking ideas of Obama(Uranus)

  • Lynn Hayes

    Susannah, I practice Western astrology and so do most of the astrologer-commenters although we do from time to time have traditional and Vedic folks drop by.

  • yvonne

    I was using the Tropical zodiac.
    Will try it in the Sidereal.

  • Helena

    Here’s a comment from another website that I feel needs a wider response.
    “Also – though Obama has Aqua on the ascendant, Palin has a radiant Sun/Mars/Saturn stellium in that Uranus ruled sign and thus has far more Uranian energy in her character than Obama.”
    Sun, Mars, Saturn stellium is “radiant?”
    Tough, cruel, harsh, possibly toward oneself as well as others, cautious, hard working, ambitious, and that’s not even considering the problematic and undermining Neptune squares to that stellium. This is a very masculine chart regardless, ironic given the PR extravaganza currently being orchestrated by the McCain campaign.
    “That’s FIVE planets in Uranus ruled Aquarius…”
    And Uranus is conjunct Pluto – an extremist and a radical to boot, as is currently coming to light.
    “Her Sun/Mars/Saturn is nearly on the US Moon.”
    Depends on which US chart. In the Gemini rising chart, Obama’s Ascendant forms an exact conjunction to the US Moon.
    “…she’s making a charismatic (Sun) connection to the American psyche (Moon) a mere 60 days before the election.
    What she’s making a connection to is hardly the entire nation, but the GOP base and the right. She’s been shielded from the media and the vast majority of the American public to whom she is largely an unknown. The media across the political spectrum has been reporting in the last few days that Palin opposes abortion even in the case of rape or incest. Some of her religious views are coming to light which are out of the mainstream. She fired her home town librarian who opposed the banning of books. Palin has had no interviews with the press. Her appearances are being carefully controlled in order to present her as a small town “hockey mom” image, which is commensurate with the Neptune Sun transit and also the Saturn transit to her Pluto.
    But Saturn “refines things to their absolute worth and dispenses with false credentials.” If one is honest, then Saturn rewards us. But if one is not, then Saturn strips the mask away. Transiting Saturn opposes the GOP Neptune, and conjoins McCain’s Neptune starting in October. We will soon see how the “twin mavericks” will be doing in a month from now?
    “Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.”

  • Karen

    Hello there,I just wanted to say that”I agree with what you are saying about not trying to predict our future.I believe that the way you live out your life will, not predict, but indeed show you , as
    you go along your merry way,your future!

  • Lynn

    Helena, Jesus was also a rebel (a maverick) going against the system and Pontius Pilate washed his hands from condemning Jesus; it was the people who voted to release Barabbus instead of Jesus! There are always more than one way of looking at things! But now we’re getting off the subject of astrology which is why I am here.
    Note: This commenter is not Lynn Hayes.

  • ummm

    This doesn’t point out the Obama (change) picked Biden (experience), so the Uranus/Saturn opposition is represented with that ticket….NOT McCain and Palin. Palin doesn’t really represent change, she represents a wild card pick, but further study of her record clearly shows she is more like Bush than not.

  • ummm

    The scary thing about Palin is her natal mars squares neptune AND transiting neptune is conjuncting her natal mars. This means we don’t know what actions she is hiding from the public and what will be revealed to us in the coming weeks. I think she is going to be like “Jurassic Park”…at first everyone will react to her with “oohhhs” and “aahhs” and then before long, we will be running for ours lives.

  • magicmary

    About that Neptune on Palin’s Mars & Sun – Anyone notice how since the Rep convention the talk in the media has been about both Palin’s and McCain’s Lie? Neptune rules deception and fortunately for the country there are alot of people out there who can see through Neptune’s fog and the truth will come out.

  • Skybear

    According to the article in the New York Times By John M.Brodor Obama’s formal nomination was secured at 6:48PM local time on 08/27/08.
    This occurs during a void of course Moon.Some give a time of 4:47 but to me it doesn’t feel right, a bit to early.This is just a feeling in my gut. I do have a Sun/Neptune conjunction, eh ? I have to listen to my inner compass and internal guidance system. We all know the history of the Presidential nomination during the void of course Moon ? The most recent history was 2000 Al Gore and 2004 John Kerry both were nominated during the void of course Moon.The Palin bounce has crushed Obama’s lead in many polls especially with white women and senior citizens voters.Have to hand it to the Republicans as they always come prepared for a knife fight in the alley, and the Democrats want to sing Cubaya. I don’t get it ?

  • Sherry

    Lynn, hi!
    Predictions do abound. However I feel that the covert activity of the religious right supporting Palin has made this an election of Palin verses Obama, not Mccain vs Obama…(or Palin verses the people, and our democratic way of life).
    Could you possibly comment on this?
    Thanks Sherry

  • Lynn Hayes

    I feel that the covert activity of the religious right supporting Palin has made this an election of Palin verses Obama, not Mccain vs Obama…(or Palin verses the people, and our democratic way of life).
    Hi – and sorry all for not being involved in the discussion. I’m actually out of town right now. But regarding Palin – remember she came out just as Pluto (in Sagittarius) and Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) stationed and changed direction and their influence was powerful. Sagittarius and Jupiter are all about things that are bigger than life. There was a brief moment of celebrity that surrounded Sarah Palin, but the bloom seems to be off the rose:
    And I think it’s Palin who has made this election about Palin versus Obama and not McCain. Her ambition is frighteningly obvious, and she has not made her desire to be president a secret.

  • sophia

    Well, this is the week of saturn transiting over Palin’s pluto, and what a week it’s been! Troopergate subpoenas and attempted coverup, hackers into her email. conservative jounalists coming out against her, and more. Not pretty.
    Several weeks ago the comments were speculative of what the neptune influence, both natal and by transit is about in her chart. All the lying, and it goes on and on, almost seems pathological. The transit appears to be bringing out a character defect.

  • Carmelo Junior

    Obama should be 10 points ahead but he is just 3 to 6 points ahead. Something happens here. The Bradley effect, the Hillary supporters and the Clinton saboutage will put McCain-Palin in the white house for a slim margin of electoral votes. A woman is set to be in power according to astrology.

  • catherine

    Uranus Opposition Saturn on Election day – Uranus which I think is McCain because he always call himself a “maverick’ and that word is ruled by uranus – and that degree on election day 18 Pisces – is the degree of ‘catasphrope’ (Janduz) so really Obama is Saturn.

  • JM

    I noticed that Palin’s Neptune is in her birth sign, Aquarius on November 4… meaning dreams coming true, or a once in a lifetime opportunity. Neptune is retrograde, and the last time that occurred was in Nov. 2006 when Palin became Gov. of Alaska.
    In addition, I believe the moon will be in Aquarius in the Western part of the U.S. around the time the polls close.

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